Saturday, January 8, 2011

36 by 36

Well, here it is another year beginning and I have not lost the weight I need to lose. I need to lose this weight so I am healthier and can keep up with my kids better. I need to lose it so that I am more confident I am keeping my husband's undivided attention. I need to lose it so my favorite jeans will fit me forever. It's time. My youngest child just turned five. At some point, I had to admit this is no longer baby weight I am carrying, but lazy weight. I know what I need to do, I need to exercise and stop eating like it doesn't matter. I know what I need to do, I just don't want to do it.

I was looking for some inspiration and, lo and behold, the mailman delivered me some in the form of my driver's license renewal reminder. I am finally due to update my awful (truly awful) photo and have to go down to the DMV before my birthday at the end of February. The possibility of trading an awful picture (no make-up, hair in a bun) with a fat-face picture is the kick-in-the-butt I needed. My current driver's license also shows my weight as a whopping...115 pounds. Hoo-chie mama, I was thin! Look at me now, 12 years of marriage and three kids later, yikes. I know I can't get down to 115 pounds, but I can sure as heck close the gap a little.

My goal is to lose 36 pounds by the time I turn 36 by the end of February. I love my birthday and always use that date to motivate myself to achieve something. This time, I'm not positive I can lose a total of 36 pounds by that date, but I am going to try. (Don't tell me it's impossible or crazy. I am aware!) I've been watching what I eat since the beginning of the year and have lost two pounds already. Next week I am getting back on the treadmill and alternating an abs workout with stretching. I printed out a calendar and filled in my schedule. Seeing the routine in writing always helps me.

So there it is, 36 by 36.

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  1. Your goal is possible. I don't diet. Instead, I eat clean. No white food, no sugar, no chemicals, and no processed junk. I'm back into my size eights even though it took me 2 years to get bck to them. Oh, and I exercise, too.