Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Couple of Updates

Well, it's Sunday. You know what that means, church. And it also means my mission to discover if Michael McKean is drinking coffee at the church cafe. I'm sorry to say I am still not sure. He was there, but I didn't get to talk to him. I had a bold plan ready (introduce myself with first and last name and hope he did the same), but, alas, he was absorbed in a conversation with some blond lady. I was discouraged at first, but developed a quick Plan B. Sit at the nearest table to them that I could and hopefully be able to eavesdrop and get the information I need to make a determination. While their conversation was mildly interesting, I still have no concrete evidence either to confirm or deny that the man is Michael McKean. I will try again next Sunday.

As for my 36 by 36 project, it's going well. I have stayed in the vicinity of my original weight, though, so I think this week I will need to get a tape measure so I can see inches, centimeters, whatever, dropping. Otherwise I start do get apathetic and tell myself I should accept my body the way it is, blah. I added some exercise music to my iPod (eminem, rihanna, black eyed peas) so that helps me get motivated to get on the treadmill. My clothes are fitting better, and that's a good sign, I think. My plan this week is to do some exercise every day, in addition to my meal replacement shake and eating no sugary foods or junk. I just really can't stand the sight of my flabby tummy anymore. I think I look good, but then I walk by a mirror or a window and bam! I'm wondering who is that fat chick walking so close to me, then I realize, oh crap, that's me! Reality check.

The week ahead looks busy. The kids are off school tomorrow and Princess O has a play date, which means the boys will be home together with me. Let the fighting begin. I am dreading the day already.


  1. Good luck with the diet. Sounds like you're on track.

  2. Thank you! I have been slacking off with the exercise part, but I'll get there.

  3. I dropped 85 pounds and I know it is not easy.

    But the reward is feeling great, looking amazing, and the confidence of knowing abs beat personality any day.

    Stick with it, you've got the personality with the body you will be unstoppable!!!

    Love, love, love

    P.S. A great treadmill tune is Feva For the Flava by Hot Aktion Cop.

    P.P.S. I wouldn't feel right about myself without a shameless plug.