Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Closet

There is a section in the new Reader's Digest where they published tips from people on how to keep a relationship fresh and exciting, stay in love, all that good stuff. (I read this in the actual magazine and I couldn't find it online.) If I had seen there was an opportunity to send in a tip, I'm not sure what I would have recommended, maybe to not lose yourself, keep your own interests, learn something new, try new things, that kind of thing. I think that's what has helped my marriage stay interesting and kept my husband from getting bored with me.

My husband also noticed this section in Reader's Digest and mentioned that one tip especially stood out to him. A reader had sent in the suggestion for a couple to share "special moments" in the bedroom, the bathroom, and also the closet. The closet? I would love to know what size closet this person has that they can share a "special moment" in it successfully.

The bedroom, yes, of course, I get it. The bathroom, as long as one of us isn't sitting on the toilet, sure. Showering together, which can still be tricky if all you have is a shower stall, can be nice and relaxing, whatever, right. But the closet is not so obvious to me. Our closet is probably the last place I would consider seducing my husband. It's very, very small. It's not a walk-in. It's a typical closet, no sliding doors, but I guess that would be a challenge, too. It's full of our junk. It's not well-ventilated. There is usually a pile of dirty clothes on the floor along with shoes and purses. You get the idea.

Any person who can suggest the closet as a location for a "special moment" must have on heck of a closet. I'm picturing a walk-in with maybe a futon or at least some uncluttered area that allows for two adults to be in there at the same time. Probably smells a lot better than mine. Wow. The closet. That really blew my mind. Blew my husband's mind, too. We had a good laugh envisioning that scenario.

Which means, maybe we'll have to try that. One or the other of us will climb in there one day to surprise the other, that's just how we are. It has to be done just for the sake of trying it and checking it off the list. You know what list I mean, right? The list of places . . . right. So some time this week, I guess I will have to get in there and move some things around, at least pick up the shoes and toss the dirty clothes into the hamper, maybe put an air freshener in there. I just hope that when it finally happens that nothing falls on us, and we don't knock the door off the hinges.


  1. The closet? It might work in mine. But, my hubby is so anal retentive it may not happen. He's one of those the kitchen is for eating. The living room is for watching T.V. The bedroom is for sleeping and having sex. The bathroom is for showers and releasing bodily toxins. He'd freak if I tried jumping his bones in the closet. It would undo his world. Probably traumtize him.

  2. My closet isbig enough to have a special moment if:
    1. I cleaned/organized some stuff.
    2. I had someone to try that with....going to have to keep that on my mental lust for the future.

    Enjoy your special moment in the closet. 

  3. Dear Hippy Chick,
    You need a walk-in closet. It feels so private and it's insulated and sound proof from all of your clothes.
    (Like if anyone else is living or staying with you.) Plus, no one suspects anything. Love closets.

  4. Oh, a walk-in closet sounds wonderful. I would probably use it for myself as a hiding place, though, and never let my husband in! You sound like an experienced closet person (ahem) thanks for the encouragement! It's definitely on my list of things to do.

  5. ahahahaha! I was laughing over this post. Not sure what it would say about our marriage, that our closet is a place to play pranks! We will periodically shut the door and hold the other person captive inside or hide in a rack and leap out, effectively scaring a couple of pounds off the other person.

    I guess that means we like to laugh together? ;-)

    BTW, I guess some closets ARE big enough.. my SIL has a closet that is bigger than both my sons' bedrooms!