Sunday, January 9, 2011

Possible Celebrity Sighting - At Church

I go to a fairly large church in an area of California where it is not totally impossible to sight a celebrity. A few weeks ago at church I had a run-in with a man who looked very familiar to me.

As I was entering the church cafe, he was exiting, and he happened to drop his cup of coffee as he held the door. We both watched the cup hit the floor, it happened to land on the rug just inside the door, and the coffee began to spill out of the drinking hole on the lid. The cup was the to-go kind with the plastic lid. Fortunately, the lid did not pop off, so the coffee was being absorbed into the rug on which the cup landed. The man and I just stared at it for a second, the coffee burbling out the hole onto the rug. Everything happened fast, but in slow motion, and then the man just said something like "oh, darn it!" I grabbed the door handle and he grabbed the cup. He just smiled at me and said, "Thank God for lids, anyway." I laughed and then he went off to re-fill his cup. I had the nagging thought that I had seen him somewhere before, but I couldn't place him. A little while later, my brain finally worked it out that the man looked like Michael McKean, who happens to be in the area working on a musical (or was working since it closed at the end of December.)

I told my husband what had happened and who I thought the man might be, and guess what? He just laughed it off, " No, I don't think so." Typical.

Well, we just saw a movie the other night, "Whatever Works", and I swear that's the guy. This movie is one of Michael McKean's most recent projects and the guy who dropped his coffee looks and sounds just like the Michael McKean in the movie.

Today I saw the Possible Michael McKean in the cafe again, and I wasn't about to lose the opportunity for my husband to get a look at him, too. I texted my husband to meet me in the cafe. I sat at a table reading and drinking my coffee while the Possible Michael McKean sat chatting with a couple ladies. I tried not to be too obvious as I snuck peeks at him while I waited for my husband. If he noticed me, he probably thought I was checking him out! I am convinced this is the guy.

Of course, when my husband and his friend (whom I wish he hadn't told) come in and see the Possible Michael McKean sitting there, right away they scoff, oh, no way. That's not him. I pointed out that celebrities often look a lot different in real life, especially men, than they do on TV or in movies. They agreed with me, but would not concede that it was even possible that the man was Michael McKean. My husband dared me to go talk to the guy, but I didn't. I couldn't think of anything to say!

I couldn't think of a way to introduce myself today, but I'm working on it. The next time I see this guy I am going to find out if it is indeed Michael McKean. I'll keep you posted. Until then, I think Spinal Tap is in my Netflix queue somewhere...


  1. Good luck!!!

    Also, church sure has changed since I last

  2. Let us know what happens. Good luck.

  3. My plan is to approach him next Sunday and strike up a conversation. We'll see how that goes!

    Shelly, I know. My church has a cafe and I love to get a large coffee and sit and listen to the Word on Sunday mornings. A big change from the strict sunday mornings my parents took me to!