Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Real Simple Challenge, Supposedly

There is an organizing challenge from Real Simple magazine that totally fits with my goal of keeping my kitchen in order this year. You can find it here. Basically, you pick one spot in your house that is usually cluttered and you organize it and keep it clutter-free for a week. This will then, hopefully, lead to another week and another week and another week, thereby breaking your nasty habit of loading this area with crap. Sounds good to me.

This picture is the top of my portable dishwasher. Coupons and junk mail, bills and broken toys typically cover this area. I really hate seeing it like this, but I only clear it off maybe once a month. This area is just too convenient to dump everything on. Here is another pic from a better angle so you can see just what I am dealing with.

I really like this challenge. It's short and it really focuses on one area. This way I don't feel overwhelmed and I can take it day by day to keep this area clear. The kitchen looks so much neater when the top of the dishwasher is clean and not cluttered. I don't know if the rest of the family will go along with the plan. We'll see.

I put if off all day, but I finally organized everything that I want to keep there, paper, pens, iPod speakers, my Aleve, but tossed most of the papers and other junk into the trash or returned it to its appointed place. I was amazed how much was just straight up trash. Seriously. We are basically keeping a trash pile on top of the dishwasher.

Not anymore.

I think my plant looks a lot happier not to be buried in so much paper and crap. After I organized everything, I wiped the area down with disinfectant and now we are good to go. Lord help the first person I see put anything on there. (who am I kidding? It will probably be me!)

Anyway, maybe this can help you, too. Go clean one area and keep it organized for a week. In one week, I'll post another picture of the top of my dishwasher and we can compare areas.

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