Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So This Was My Day

I should have gotten up earlier, but, oh, well. We had plenty of time to get school work done before PE class. We headed to the park and I spent the afternoon knitting in the sunshine, a perfect day. We also had taken our new chihuahua with us and she spent most of the time happy on my lap or skittering away from children. I think she'll get used to being amongst people and outdoors. The family we got her from has a lot of cats and this dog acts like a cat, I swear. And she smells, but that's another story.

We went home and for some reason I was feeling tired and what the heck, I took a 30-minute nap, on my bed, with the kids in the other room taking turns on the computer. Good times! I had the window open and the dishwasher running, great sounds to nap to. I got up in time to make dinner and then dash off to the library with the older kids on the way to Professor X's acting class.

We hit the jackpot at the library. I had looked for videos on space last week, but didn't find anything. Not one video. But apparently, whoever had them returned them so I could check them all out. Every single one. Yay for me. We will be having a great time with these videos to close off our study of the planets and the sun. I also found a few knitting books that have inspired me to begin a few new products, bags and pocket scarves. I'm feeling prolific, hoping I can have the time to follow through.

While the professor was in acting class, I took my princess to JoAnn's Fabrics. There was a huge woman barreling around the store, with a cart, and mouth-breathing like no one I have ever heard before. I felt her breath on the back of my neck and she was standing three feet away! It was disgusting and offensive and I thought I was on some candid camera show. It was grotesque. And it totally turned me off to any purchase of yarn or knitting needles. Princess O chose a bead set and I grudgingly used my best coupon to buy it for her.

Then we headed home after class and I hit the treadmill. I need something to do on there and knitting was not an option since my new project is more involved than stockinette at the start. I picked up the Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I've had this novel on my shelf for months and haven't picked it up. The reviews are promising and I enjoyed what I read so far. I walked for a little less than 30 minutes and I felt great, love my new Skechers Shape Ups!

I am ready to hit the showers and hit the sheets. My husband bought me a new can of French Roast, and that is incentive for an early rise tomorrow. Maybe.

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