Friday, April 15, 2011

Baseball Game Highlights

This was the view of the field from our seats at the game tonight. We always get good seats for our anniversary and these were probably the best we've had so far. Of course, if there had been a good game to watch, these would have definitely been the best seats, but, alas, the game sucked. Big time. We left before it was officially over. Here are the highlights.

The ice cream. Usually I don't like to spend money on food at the stadium because it's atrociously expensive. This time, however, since I wasn't using my hands to clap or high-five, ice cream was a necessity. It even came served in a pink, plastic helmet. Love it! A delicious treat to take my mind off the game.

Two highlights I don't have pictures of but are worth mentioning. During the Dance Cam on the big screen, the camera panned to a shot of a couple boys dancing, young buys, probably about 10 years old. As soon as they noticed themselves on the big screen, the chubbier of the two boys raised his shirt up to his chin and started shaking his belly. It was hilarious! Loved it! The camera quickly shifted off of the chubby kid, but I was rolling! Good for him, having a good time. He got a lot of cheers so I'm sure he was pleased with himself. The camera returned to his section later in the game, but as soon as he started raising his shirt again, it moved. I loved it.

The other highlight was seeing a fan of the opposing team getting escorted from the stadium. I didn't see him causing a problem, but he must have been doing something to get people riled up. I think the stadium noise level was highest when we were all cheering as he did the walk of shame. Good times. Of course, as we were walking to the car, one of our own fans was being put into the back of a police car. He kept saying, "Oh, it's like that? Are you serious?" The police officers just opened the door and made him get in. Too bad. No cheering for that one.

This is the view through the sunroof during the drive home. I love being in the car at night, driving with the windows down, cool air rushing in and swirling through my hair. It's a sublime feeling, something I've enjoyed ever since I got my driver's license and cruised back roads in Texas, or just going home from clubs, so late that it's early morning already. I enjoyed tonight's drive mostly because we went through a downtown area of large buildings and bridges. I relaxed and laid the seat back a little so I could gaze through the sun roof, feeling the motion of the van on the freeway. The moon was peaking between rooftops and I closed my eyes. A moment to savor and remember, always. Best part of the night.

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