Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am in Love...

Sunday afternoons induce my husband into a coma-like state and I usually escape to my favorite fabric store for a solitary ramble, touching and thinking, imagining and being inspired. I saw some absolutely spanking buttons, but the mug cozy project I would use them for is on hold right now. I think I will pick buttons and then match yarn the next time I do a round of those. The yarn pictured above is of the "happy" colors of yarn I bought to use for my donation project. I didn't notice this before, but my stash is almost exclusively dark or neutral colored yarn. The scarves for the women's shelter need to be happy colors since this is the first Mother's Day gift many of these ladies will get. I am trying to stick with spring hues since, duh, it's spring. I scored these skeins on sale, too. Bonus!

I fell in love in the yarn aisle, yes, it's true. I was walking past the knitting needles and I thought I heard my name. I turned to the left, but no one was there. I heard it again, a whisper. I looked to my right. There, hanging so still I would never have noticed them if they hadn't whispered to me, were the most beautiful knitting needles ever. EVER! Exotic rosewood knitting needles, gorgeous sticks that insisted on being mine. I studied the dark coffee color of the the wood and the exquisite design at the top. My heartbeat quickened, I took a deep breath. I couldn't turn away. My hand went out to the package and trembling fingers took hold of it. Once I touched them there was no letting go. They begged to be possessed by me. (Plus, I had a 50% off coupon and that made the decision so much easier!) I am eager to feel the smooth wood needle gliding between my fingers, weaving yarn, and producing something unforgettable.

Now, I just have to find yarn worthy of being cast on. Hmm.


  1. Ok, I am going to learn to knit or crochet or whatever it's called!! I have been watching the finger crochet videos, how cool! I think I get it! maybe one of these years I'll actually try it!!

    Oh- for your book list, I highly recommend Water for Elephants!! Some graphic parts but a great story!! Read it in two days!

  2. The finger crochet is probably totally easy, like the knitting. Go for it! Thanks for the book recommendation. I was wondering if that one was good. I think I will add it to my list!