Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Question You Should Never Ask, Ever

Today was a busy day. I got up early to pack lunches. I grabbed my organized paperwork and the kids and we headed to our homeschool overseer's house for our meeting and then a field trip to the agricultural fair. We had a great time but that's another blog. In the back of my mind all day was the idea of the double date planned for the evening. I knew I wouldn't have to make dinner and that my make-up would be seen by people other than those who live with me, always a perk. I was excited, logged some time on the treadmill in anticipation of the delicious Thai food I would be partaking of, and just had some pep in my step all day. Until...

When we were dropping of the kids, my father-in-law asked me a question that he has asked me before on a few occasions. He always gets the same answer so I really have no idea why, why, why this man continues to ask. "Are you pregnant?" Bam! It's like a punch in the face. I truly do not understand why anyone would ask a woman this question without some knowledge of getting a positive answer. There I was, ready to go out and have a good time, and then not. Instant tears, instantly bummed out.

Okay, yes. I have gained some weight, and, yes, I carry it on my body in such a way that someone would get that idea. I admit it, I know it. I'm working on it. Actually, I have been really hard-core working on it and have lost a little bit, very little. Sigh, sigh, sigh. It's just a blatant reminder of how far I have to go. And it really sucks to get blindsided with that when I think I look pretty good! Dang! Ask me in the morning when I just wake up, fine. I can move on with my day. Ask me when I'm tired and need to go to bed, no problem. I can sleep that off. But don't ask me when I'm all done up and ready to go out. It killed me. Bah.

So I made it out of their house without crying. Kudos to me. Then I forced my husband, who was actually very willing, to take to buy a new shirt. Which meant I then needed to go home and change my jeans and accessories because of course there was nothing in the store that matched. But we made it on time still and the evening was salvaged. I actually had a great time and put the whole unfortunate incident out of my mind.

So now what? Keep on keeping on. There is nothing more I can do to drop this weight. I hate it. Being overweight is miserable. I can't enjoy my food. I'm cutting back on the things I love most, late night popcorn and good chocolate. The exercising I won't complain about. I love the rush of a good treadmill session and ab workout. Stretching is soothing. If I can be outside on the track, bliss. It's a long, long road. I guess tonight's question should fuel my fire.


  1. Is the FIL trim himself?? If not, next time you reply, "No, I'm not but I'm trying to figure out how far along YOU are..."

    Why do people do that?? I mean, if you were pregnant don't they think you'd TELL them??? jeesh. insensitive people irk me.

    I'm with you on this problem though. Been fighting it for years. Never gets any better.

  2. My MIL felt really bad that he said that and even texted me an apology later that night. I told her I would just use his inconsiderate remark as motivation. And I did! But it is so dang hard to drop this weight!