Monday, April 18, 2011

So This Was My Day

I rolled my fat behind right out of bed the first time I woke up and got into my shorts and onto the treadmill. I think if I do it first thing the exercise works like coffee. I haven't even be drinking coffee in the morning lately because it feels like I walked for nothing if I do. I walked for 30 minutes while knitting scarf #4, purple with white sparkly trim. I'm really curious to know how many inches I can knit while I walk so I think I might start measuring.  My youngest son was awake way before me and his eyes were already glazed over as he played the Wii.

I like to use the treadmill as my office. I make phone calls, answer e-mails, and update my Twitter, all essential functions in my life right now. I can keep the phone calls short, too, because I am out of breath. Usually I am waking up a couple hours behind everyone else I know so I can call pretty much anyone I need to and they will be available. Today I finally got to talk to BFF who has been busy with work and we haven't connected for a few days. We decided to make a spontaneous park trip so we could chat face to face and discuss the book we are reading together, A Lion Among Men. We're almost finished with it and I will say good riddance when we are. Not my favorite Maguire novel. I am eager to read The Time Traveler's Wife next. That's one of my very favorite books and the movie didn't even come close.

A quick trip to the grocery store and then home to clean. All day I told the kids, we are cleaning when we get home, we are cleaning when we get home. So what happens? The boys are messing around, not cleaning their room, and Mr. M gets hit in the head and his cut opens and starts bleeding. I was, how can I put this in a ladylike manner, pissed beyond belief. Absolutely, 100% pissed off and I let them know. I yelled at them, issued consequences, and made them both lay on their beds. One result was that my daughter kicked into turbo and finished up all the cleaning on her own. I shall richly reward her with at least $5. The yelling was a release, I must admit, after several days of their constant disobedience, bickering, and goofing around. I hate that this is what it takes for them to respect my commands and listen. I don't want to be the mean mom. Bah. Not my best day. Not a good way to kick off spring break.

So I hit the track. I ran and ran and ran (okay, I only ran 1/2 a lap about five times, but it felt like I went far). I think I ran it all out. The post-walk feeling is an incredible high for me when I get a good workout. I love passing slow people and crowds. I feel so healthy when I get a good sweat going.

And then I went home and made dinner, which turned out wonderfully. Now I am headed to my favorite chair to knit and I am hoping these leg cramps fade out before bedtime.

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