Saturday, April 23, 2011

stinkR Donates - Scarf 3

This scarf was a major time commitment. The garter stitch is simple but monotonous and before I finished this one I actually knitted scarf 4 and 5 to completion. The single color yarn of scarf 3 didn't help keep my interest, either! I enjoy seeing the character of the yarn change while I knit. Single color yarn doesn't afford that pleasure. I did a crochet border using fun fur, which I detest. I only used it because it is a suggestion from the charity for making the scarves unique. How unique are the scarves if everyone has it? But I digress. Fun fur is not fun. It's a hassle. It's messy. It's itchy. Maybe it's just not my style but other ladies love it. I also added a fringe using white yarn with a sparkly vein running through it. I don't usually add fringe because it's such tedious work. I am learning, though, that the little details bring so much charm to the finished piece that it's worth the effort.

Yesterday a close friend of mine referred to my knitting as art, my art. I was caught a little off guard hearing someone echo thoughts and feelings I have never expressed. I love it. I plan each project in my mind, spooling out colors and stitches, and sometimes I have to cast on immediately because I'm so excited to see the pattern emerge. If I am designing a piece that must be perfect, I bring out my graph paper pad and sketch a color picture next to the pattern I am imagining. Knitting is my passion. To have someone totally understand that and verbalize it so well with one singe word, a single sentence, to be known so thoroughly, is an exquisite feeling.

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