Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've Been Doing Instead of Writing Here

My days have been taken up with homeschooling mainly. The standardized tests are coming up at the end of the month and even though I don't give a hoot how the kids do, I don't want to send them in unprepared. Last year, Professor X came out of the test troubled that he didn't know what alliteration is. Doh! Guess we missed that standard. They are both enjoying the work, mostly workbook pages and online games, which is more structured than our unit study projects. I personally prefer the unit studies because they are more freestyle, but some structure is good every now and then.

I have taken a big leap with my knitting. I made the first round of mug cozies for friends as gifts. I filled the mugs with coffee and biscotti. I still haven't found the perfect mug, something round with no taper, but I will keep searching. I'm thinking Ikea might have what I want. I have perfected the arm warmers and feel very confident these will be a great product to match with scarves for stinkR. I also committed to donating scarves to a local charity who sends them out to women's shelters. Mother's Day is coming up and the pressure is on. My goal is ten scarves per week. So far scarf #1 is still on the needles.

Tonight my writer's group is critiquing the first chapter of my mystery. These people know their stuff. Which is why I did a complete revision of what I previously submitted. They wanted a dead body in chapter one! Now, none of them actually read mysteries and I am not sure what to do about that, but at some point writing is writing and I followed their advice. We'll see how it goes tonight. The first critique wasn't so bad.

Not much else that I want to report. I have made an art of my time alone. My reading commitments are twofold now, two book groups. I have also finished so many books that I need to add to my reading list. I feel like 100 books is an attainable goal for the year still. The driver's license curse continues. I got such a horrible picture that even my best friend said, "I think you look better in person." Yep. It's that bad. Ever since crossing that 30 threshold this weight is refusing to drop. I kicked it up a little, hitting the treadmill and the track more. DH is actually on the track with me, too, lately and that's much more fun.

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