Sunday, April 17, 2011

White Girls Can't Rap

I was playing some music for my husband on the way to the game the other night. He doesn't listen to "hip" music at all so I try to corrupt him with some whenever I can. He's strictly a jazz man. Period. End of story. He doesn't like lyrics and thinks rock is horrible. How did I end up with this guy, right? I listened to everything popular, especially alternative rock, for years. I plead ignorance. I didn't know how much he hated Pearl Jam and the Cranberries when I married him. But that's another blog altogether.

So I put on a particular song by Katy Perry, California Girls. I love every version of this theme. I was born in California and even though I have lived all over the country, I never lived anywhere I would rather claim as my hometown. (that's another blog topic, too!) Anyway, we're listening to the song and I told him that I thought there was one really funny part, where Snoop Dogg says, "I'm all up on ya 'cuz you're representin' Califon-ya." You've heard it, I know. And maybe this is just my own whiteness coming out, but I really trip out on how that phrase is put together.

Here's the way I expressed it to my husband.
"It's funny how they made 'all up on you' rhyme with 'California.' He totally has to mispronounce the words to make it work." (Right? I'm right.)
His response, after he was done laughing so hard he almost went off the road, "Well, he says it the way most people would say it, babe. He's not correctly pronouncing the words, but that's the way people talk! Maybe it's because you're white."
My response, "Oh, well. I still think it's funny." I pronounce words correctly, that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being white. I looked out the window while he kept laughing. He laughed so hard he made me start laughing! I was being totally serious and I thought he would get me, but he didn't. That's okay. I was laughing that he thought it was funny when I thought it was obvious.

But do you see my point? Seriously, those words don't rhyme. I realize my ethnicity and my upbringing might come into play here. No, I don't talk like I'm off the street. There's nothing wrong with that because I don't need to talk like that. I can if I need to. Hey, I know the words to plenty of rap songs! Summertime by the Fresh Prince, Bust a Move by Young MC. I can flow! Of course, it may sound something like Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec rapping Prents Just Don't Understand. And I guarantee you would be able to understand every word.


  1. :) How about this. I can't keep up the pACE TO RAP.

  2. That's true, too, shelly. I have the worst rhythm if I have no back-up singer to follow.

  3. You go wit ya bad self white gurl!! :-)

    Love it!