Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Just about every Sunday I get to have some me time and I usually choose to spend it at my favorite fabric store. This past Sunday there was a big sale on scrapbooking supplies and I had so much fun looking through everything. I have been focusing on knitting and my scrapbooking has definitely fallen by the wayside. Since this is the Summer of the Journal, I decided to forgo my yarn purchase (gasp!) and bought some things for my summer journal instead.

A set of knitting stickers?! Love it. Perfect for my knitting goals this summer.

This set is perfect for my summer reading layout.

I made a new goal for myself this summer to find some unique coffeehouses where I can read or knit, not Starbucks.

This is just a really cute journal I found at Target. It reminded me of myself so I had to buy it. Not like I need another journal, but whatever.

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