Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homeschool Year 2010-2011

This school year ended with a fizzle, not a bang. I worked the kids so hard to prep for standardized testing that we were all burned out by the end of April. We spent the month of May mostly reading and taking field trips, nothing in the way of organized lessons at all. They also had a few classes to finish out the year and that was what helped me live guilt-free day to day. But for my own peace of mind, here is a quick recap of the school year, just a month by month list of classes and field trips that we experienced. We started the school year with a packed calendar and by the end of the year had tapered off to focus more on academics at homes. Next year I'm going to try to balance more. All in all, we had a great year and I feel like I'm getting the hang of this homeschool adventure.

August - origami class, world cultures class, PE class (soccer), keyboard lessons, safety class at the sheriff station

September - world cultures class, PE class (soccer), keyboard lessons, science class, Legos Engineering class, Arboretum filed trip, LA County Fair field trip, Brownies started

October - Legos engineering class, science class, PE (flag football), Brownies, keyboard lessons, Universal Studios field trip

November - Peter Pan musical field trip, Brownies, Heritage Park Thanksgiving Presentations and Party, keyboard lessons, Brownies

December - PE class (kickball),, Brownies, X started acting class, ornament painting class, Legoland field trip, basketball through the city parks and rec started

January - City basketball, PE class (basketball), science class, acting class, Brownies, Princess O's Brownie troop talent show rehearsals

February - City basketball, talent show rehearsals, Brownies, science class, acting class, Talent Show, PE class, Ag Fair projects worked on weekly

March - Acting class and final show, PE class (dodgeball), science class, art class, Ag Fair field trip, Brownies, Space Center field trip

April - Art class, science class, PE class (softball), Brownies, STAR Testing

May - Science class, PE class (soccer), art class, Brownies

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