Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I can't believe the school year is almost over. Next Friday is our last day, but since we just had our learning record meeting, we won't be doing anything very structured. I'm thinking book reports and finishing our unit study on California will be about it. The kids have art and science classes, too, so that's still enough to keep us busy.

I haven't really thought much about summer this year. Last year I was finishing my medical transcription certification and looking for a job. The summer before that I was starting my medical transcription program. The summer before that was the Black Summer, or the Summer of Darkness, when I accomplished nothing but dragging myself from one day to the next. So. What to do this year? No job or training to keep me busy. I can basically do whatever I want, but I'm the type of person who needs goals and a plan. Let's think about this.

My knitting has fallen to the wayside lately. I'm not sure why, maybe a lack of free time or just taking care of other things. If I am going to do a booth for the Christmas craft fair though, I should work on building an inventory. That will be goal #1, stinkR inventory.

I have so many books I want to read and so many locations I want to read at. I think I will keep a reading journal this summer, with pictures, of every place I get to read. The beach, Starbucks, the park, the pool, the mall. Hmm. This feels like a good idea.

The kids will be playing baseball this summer and my goal is to NOT be the team mom. I have a way to do accomplish this: when the coach asks for volunteers, look at the ground or pretend I just got a call on my phone. This one should be pretty easy.

I would love to buy a new blender and a recipe book for smoothies and spend the summer blending and sipping different concoctions. This would be a good idea for a journal, too. Maybe this will be the Summer Journal and I can document everything all together.

That's probably the best idea so far! A Summer Journal. So I hereby proclaim this will be the Summer of the Journal.

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