Thursday, June 2, 2011

ABC's of Me

I just really need something to do right now. My BFF is so busy at work I am feeling so neglected. (no, not really!) I saw this on someone else's blog and it looked like fun. (but seriously, my BFF is way too busy for me) :D

A. Age - 36 and working it!

B. Bed size - Cal King - and it's way too big! I may as well be sleeping alone! I prefer a bed where I know there's another person there, close enough to keep me warm and touch feet with.

C. Chore you hate - Cleaning the bathroom - but I'm working on getting over that one.

D. Dogs - I am a total dog person. My favorite is a French bulldog, but I think my chihuahua is pretty cool, too.

E. Essential to start your day - coffee, most definitely, almost every day since I was 20. I love my legal addictive stimulant! Also the morning kisses from my kids, every day, without fail, for the past nine years.

F. Favorite color - pink, any shade on anything, hands down.

G. Gold or silver - silver, I've always been a silver girl. I even prefer my gold to be platinum, not yellow.

H. Height - 5' 4", unless I tease my hair up and then I could easily be 6'3".

I. Instruments you play - flute, since 4th grade and all through high school in the marching band, tambourine and shaker at church when I'm forced.

J. Job - Mom of all trades, homeschool teacher, taxi driver, reader, writer, sometimes a biter (also a poet, ha ha)

K. Kids - two lovely redheads and a brown-eyed cutie that I couldn't possibly live without.

L. Live - Southern California, land of the perfect weather for people with naturally curly hair.

M. Mom's name - Catherine, also answers to hey lady.

N. Nicknames - Hmm, there are just so many. To my dad, Pokey, because I have always walked slow. To my sister, Roachel, because she's just so mean.

O. Overnight hospital stays - 3, one for each bouncing baby.

P. Pet peeve - people who whistle in the car to the music playing, seriously, that's like number one.

Q. Quote from a movie - only one, hmm. There are so many. Let's go with, "You can't take it back! It's already out there."

R. Right or left handed - Right.

S. Siblings - Three sisters, one estranged, one is simply strange, the other is one of my best friends.

T. Time you wake up - whenever I want! Yuuup. But usually before 7am, lately.

U. Underwear - yes, every day, whatever looks best under my jeans. (seriously, what kind of question is that?)

V.  Vegetables you dislike - peas! Unless they're in a pod. Also, broccoli, bleh, hate the stuff. And cooked cauliflower.

W. What makes you run late - Usually just waiting too long to get ready, but I'm rarely ever late. I show up exactly when I intend to.

X. X-rays you've had - the most interesting was the ones of my head after the camper wreck we were in when I was 7. I had to get stitched in my head and I really don't know how the doctors managed that with my little afro.

Y. Yummy food you make - potato soup! No doubt, that's the best thing I can make.

Z. Zoo animal - anything that cannot escape on its own, therefore, none. You know those animals can get out if they want to!

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