Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Good Morning

Today was one of my favorite mornings.

I didn't get up with my alarm but woke up at a good time nonetheless. I had about an hour of time to read and just enjoy the morning breeze coming through the window. No June Gloom today so the sky was blue and the sun was bright even early in the morning. I was stretched across my bed, a fresh mug of coffee in my hand, reading on my Kindle, a most perfect way to spend some time.

Then I got to greet Mr. M, my earliest riser, as  he stumbled into the living room and got the Wii going. I think the Wii is like his coffee, the day just isn't right if it isn't started with some video game stimulation. I don't mind his playing games at that time because that means I get some more time to myself before the demands of food and beverages begin.

I haven't made pancakes for a couple weeks, so that was on the menu today. I really enjoy serving up a good breakfast to my children. It's one of the things I never had growing up. I always ate very quickly before school, usually cereal or PopTarts, never a fresh made meal. I love greeting each of my sleepy-faced kids as they make their way from their beds to the couch, stopping for a hug and kiss from me.

I even got to talk to my sister this morning which made the day start even better. We used to talk every other day, but life gets busy and it's been a while since those days. We both homeschool so sometimes we just chat real quick before starting the school day, but it's not the same. I want the long, rambling conversation that lasts for an hour where we are laughing and talking and it almost feels like she's just around the corner instead of hundreds of miles away. I miss her.

The cherry on top is always a conversation with my bff, a very satisfying, fun conversation today. The day starts better with some encouragement and a Scripture or two from a kindred spirit.

So now I am settling in for a knitting marathon, two hours at least, with a mug of hot coffee and my mind filled with good things.

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