Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beach trip today! The homies and I took the kids and rolled down to our favorite beach. The waves are pretty much nonexistent and the water is not deep at all, at least for the first 20 feet out. The kids are free to play in the water and in the sand with little supervision. This is the first time I've gone down to the beach without a child of my own under five years old. I was free to chat and oil up for a tan since I wasn't chasing a toddler or refereeing snacks. Good times.

This was the view from our spot in the sand.  I love being right in the marina. We saw sailboats and kayakers pass by all day. Plus there is a specific swimming area marked out and there was a wide assortment of swimmers doing laps, too. We saw a few people in wetsuits, an old man with man-boobs in a speedo, and some lifeguards in training. Perfect place for people watching, one of my favorite pastimes.

This is not too clear, but at one point there was a sailboating class in session. Look in the center of the picture, far out there, and you can see all the miniature sails. The sailboats were small! We saw them maneuvering in response to commands from a bullhorn and it was really cool to watch.

Professor X and Princess O both enjoyed being buried in the sand. Personally, I would hate that. Professor X was pretending to be dead. Princess O was pretending to be at the spa, note the water poured around her and the relaxed look on her face. Can you see her toes? They really blend in!

And then there is Mr. M who is completely unpredictable. I love this kid!

He spent the day covered in sand, literally. He would get in the water, splash around enough to get wet, then come out and roll around in the sand until he was completely covered. All day he did this! I was very entertained and so was he. I have never seen another kid do this. But he was having a great time, covered in sand. Who knew? Then the music came on. One of my homies brought her iPod and speakers and Mr. M just loves to dance. He's serious about it, though. He's not dancing to entertain and make you laugh. He's dancing because he loves the music and is expressing himself. It was awesome! No pics though. Too bad.

Most of us had a great day. One kid barfed, big time, and had to be taken home. That always seems to happen to someone! The sun finally came out about halfway through our day and I got some major sunshine. I love that! It was a great time and I remembered how much I need to spend time with my homies.

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  1. These are really great pictures. I love being buried in the sand. How fun!