Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have a few pictures I've been meaning to post. So without further ado...

See those cute toenails in those cute flipflops? Yeah, that's me. I'm sitting at the park, reading a book, in clear view of the two little cuties I brought to the wading pool. Where's the pool you ask? Look between the legs of the incredibly inconsiderate ladies who rolled in and laid their shit right in front of my chair while I was away for a minute. My chair was there. My book was on my chair. My bags are all around my chair. Obviously someone is sitting there. Now, really. Are these women so totally unaware of personal space that they have no qualms invading my area? Apparently. They rolled in and dumped their blankets and towels and trash all over the place not even three feet from my chair. Then they obstructed my view of the wading pool with their fat asses and cellulite thighs. They were eating pizza, too, and didn't even offer me any! I could have reached in the box and grabbed a slice and then asked them to pass me a drink from the cooler, but I didn't want to seem rude.

Besides, they were all speaking espanol and that's a dilemma for me. Do I say something incredibly scathing yet witty and hope they understand me or is that a waste of my words and mental energy? Then I also run the risk of them pretending they don't understand when actually the youngest of the women explains exactly what I said and they really do understand and then proceed to talk about me and insult me right in front of me knowing that I don't know what they're saying. See? It's a dilemma. So I chose the high road. I posted their picture and pointed out their ignorance on my blog where they will never see it. So there. But somehow I feel better. So let's move on.

I was laying on bed the other night and it was really late and I rolled over and saw this face. Do you see it? This is a little quirk of mine. I like to take pictures of objects that look like faces. Did I mention it was really late? Ahem. Moving on.
Here is Mr. M at a birthday party for a little girl we know from PE class. I love it! He's so cute and I honestly didn't think he could be any cuter, but if he was a puppy...enough said. I love this kid! There was one point in the party where I had my own private laugh. The birthday girl had requested a Disney princess for her party. When the princess arrived, she came around the corner and I was like, what the? The dress was perfect, Sleeping Beauty. The wig was a little messy, like she didn't know she was supposed to brush it after she slept in it. But what got me was that she was carrying a boom box. Now, there are certain, ahem, parties where, ah, ladies in fun outfits and wigs and lots of make-up show up to, you know, get the party started, and typically they bring their own music, ahh, usually a boom box or some other such device. So when this princess came around the corner in her bright pink dress, messy wig, lotso make-up, and carrying a boom box, I started laughing and I turned to the lady next to me...and then I stopped laughing. This wasn't the crowd where I felt like I could point out the similarities between the Disney princess and the, you know, other lady who might come. But in my mind I laughed long and hard! (that's what she said!) The kids had a great time with Sleeping Beauty, though, and she did a great job with the face painting.

Today I went to the beach by myself. I was so proud of myself for doing this because usually I would find some reason to justify not making the drive or effort to go somewhere just for myself. I love the beach. I love the wind in my hair and the way my lips taste like salt after I've been there for just a few minutes. The ocean and the waves remind me of how small I am on this huge planet and that beyond the rhythm of my life, the world moves to the greater cadence of nature and God and the universe. I walked down the beach until I found a spot away from most people. I love the way the water rushes in and cools my feet and then flows out again tickling my toes with bubbles and sand. I could lose myself for hours at the beach. But not today. I only had two hours on the meter, so there you go. 

I spent some time just sitting watching the waves and trying to empty my mind. Sometimes it feels like I have the same thoughts ricocheting around and I can't get them out. Or I end up thinking about something on an endless loop. Thankfully, I remembered a small notebook I put in my purse, and I had a sparkly pen which is always more fun to write with, and I spent some time writing my thoughts out. I wrote down whatever I was thinking about and I felt so much better after a while. I guess I probably looked somewhat dorky, but who cares? I let myself relax in the moment and go with what I really wanted to do. So it was a good time. Although I think it may have ruined the pedicure I gave myself yesterday. Oh well. It was worth it!

I also walked the pier, which is an interesting experience. Walking towards the end of the pier that's in the water is a relaxing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm walking out onto the ocean. I had my hair down and I love the feeling of it streaming out behind me, dancing around. A beautiful feeling, truly. I took my time walking and stopped a few times just to watch the waves and take in the moment. I didn't want to rush. When I got to the end, I made a slow turn and walked back. Total opposite experience. The flowing hair was now fighting to beat me back to land. It was getting tangled in my sunglasses and when I would try to wrangle it back, the tendrils would wrap around my rings and fingers and hold on tight. I think I heard laughing at some point, but that can't be right. Anyway, I finished my walk with a fist full of damp curls and some rowdy frizz in my eyes.

I hope one day I can look back at this point in my life and pull the good things out. Like today, going to the beach for myself was a good thing. There is so much right now that is wearying and tearful and just a grind to get through one day after the next sometimes. So the beach is going on the top of the good things list.

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