Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This past weekend we went to the mall. The kids love going in the Disney store, but I don't know why. We never buy anything! I guess it's all the colors and characters they enjoy seeing, which I'm sure is some Disney hypnosis marketing trick.

When we entered the store, there was a lady, not young, arranging some shirts on a display. She was crouched down on the floor messing with the shirts on hangers. We couldn't see her face, but I heard her talking. I just glanced down at her and then looked at something my son was showing me, a new Cars character. It took me a second to realize the lady was still talking, and I looked over at her, as did my two sons. At this point, she was pulling her face out of the shirts, hair covering her face, glasses crooked. And we realized she was talking to US. She had been talking to us since we entered the store. Wow.

I wonder if this is some Disney policy. No matter what you're doing, whether you're down on the floor scrubbing or arranging clothing, you greet the customer! Heil, Mickey! Well, this lady was certainly very zealous about giving us a greeting. My boys didn't even answer her questions because she looked so crazy and disheveled. Her running monologue went something like this:
"...oh, isn't that cool? Aren't the new characters from the movie awesome? Have you seen the new Cars movie yet? You did? You didn't? You did? Oh, yeah, me too! I loved it! Did you love it? Who was your favorite character?" All this but speeded up like ten times. Okaaaay.

Now, I hated that movie. I seriously would love to go to Disneyland and demand they reimburse me for the two hours I spent sitting in that movie. I want two hours on Space mountain, with bathroom breaks and free snacks. Just me, in the front, going again and again. That's would be a fair payback for having to sit through the movie. It was awful! The first Cars movie is one of my favorites, not a desert island movie, but still good. Cars 2 sucked. Big time. I hated it. That's right. I'll say it again, hated it! Two hours of my life, gone. Wasted. I should have taken a nap during the movie, then maybe I wouldn't be so bitter about it.

So when this mental patient of a saleslady started rambling about how "awesome" the movie was I just laughed and walked away. I really, really wish I would have laughed and said, "Oh my God, that movie sucked!" just to see what her reaction would have been. I should have. Dang. That would have been worth seeing the movie just for that. Next time.

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