Monday, August 29, 2011

So This Was My Day

I'm looking for my mojo, in case you find it somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've cried it all away down the shower drain, but there may be some more hidden away somewhere. I am intent on finding it. I can't stay in this place much longer or I may really just fall off the edge of insanity.

I hit the track today in an effort to chase down some of this suspected mojo. I felt something bubbling just under the surface of my skin when my feet hit the track and Linkin Park started telling me that it all comes back to me in the end. That song is one of the themes for my life. I love it. I think I played it a few times just warming up. By the time I switched to some empowering Pink and a little Kanye West, my swagger was back, just a little. When I was ready to run, I cranked it up and ran with Eminem telling me this was my moment. Dang! That felt awesome. I was pushing myself to keep going and feeling the sweat just sliding down my back and my face, and I'm pretty sure my mojo reserve started filling up again. Amazing. And did I mention that I looked superfine in my shorts and tank top? Yep. I did. I still want to drop about 15 pounds, but for right now, I look pretty good.

My other big accomplishment for today was hitting the laundromat. I'm starting to get into a groove there. It's not the easy routine of putting in quarters and then adding soap. No, not so easy. It's adding money to a laundry card and then putting the soap in the top of the machine in the right compartment (there are 4) and then figuring out how to lock the door (the arrow points the wrong way - it was an issue last time). But I am happy to say that I must look like I know what I'm doing now because the manager didn't come over and help me again, nor did any of my underwear end up in his hand being brought to me in the parking lot. Big improvement. Although one lady did cut me off for the dryers that I wanted by stashing a few items of clothing in each until her other load was done. But I got that bitch's number and if she tries it again, we'll see what ends up stuffed in a dryer.

On the homeschool front, things are going well. Mr. M got 100% on his spelling test today and I am so proud of that guy! He can't read yet, but soon. The other two have gotten into the routine of daily work and really enjoyed their new history and writing class today. So the year is off to a good start.

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