Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And now, I'm back, after a brief stint immersed in a pitch black end-of-summer.

Today's agenda just changed a little. I was planning to spend the day on the couch with the kids watching plant videos and doing worksheets, but they just got called to make up a class they missed so off we go. The class involves making a map of salt, not sure what that entails, and I'm just happy the teacher didn't ask me to do it instead of her.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. We took a quick trip to Seattle a couple weeks ago and I got a bag of Pike's Reserve beans from the original Starbucks. That store is must-see every time we go to Seattle. I ground the beans last night and am now enjoying a mug of delicious coffee while I work. Excellent start to the day.

My knitting projects right now involve getting some things finished to post on my Etsy shop. I am so excited for this shop! I love Etsy and the opportunity it represents for me. I'm focusing on some fall color projects, including some Halloween theme arm warmers and pens. I just need to stay focused and organized and hopefully I can get some things sold by the end of October. I should be starting some Christmas theme projects, too, which I am still designing, but those aren't even on the needles, yet.

What else. So many things have happened in my personal life that I just won't share here. I'm on thin ice right now mentally, like I'm sliding above all the turmoil in my mind, just trying to stay in the moment. The one thing I learned during this black interlude is that every rock bottom has a trap door. I fell through mine and now it feels like I'm free-falling, like Alice, through this incredibly dark tunnel, trying to grab what's around me, trying to stay in the moment, waiting for my feet to feel the bottom. Every day is a little better.

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