Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aziz Ansari Woke Me Up This Morning

My fault. I follow Aziz Ansari on Twitter. In case you don't know (who wouldn't know???), Aziz is the best, most world famous, funniest, overfed, and hottest comedian ever who plays Tom on Parks and Rec (my favorite show). I have his tweets sent to my phone because I'm a loser who likes to feel connected to celebrities I like, and also my phone goes off all the time which makes me seem popular to those around me. But that's another blog.

Anyway, Aziz decided to tweet continuously this morning about his experience going through LAX security on his way to catch a flight to New York. Okay. I do not wake up early. His flight was incredibly early. My phone started going off and I grabbed it thinking it was my husband texting me. Nope. It was Aziz. Going through LAX security. Incredibly early.

I didn't really mind being woken up the first time, or the next or the next, because Aziz was competing against an older Asian man who was also going through security and his tweets were a hilarious play by play. There were several plays. It was awesome! (and what older Asian man DOESN'T wear slip on shoes all the time, much less through security at the airport???) So it was funny. The first couple times. But I still put my phone on vibrate because it was so early. So, so, so early. But totally funny, check it out.

The downside of this was that my husband calls me every morning to wake me up and talk about our plans for the day. But my phone was on vibrate now, so I missed his calls. For half an hour. He was freaking out. Yes, I am the person who people get freaked out about if I don't answer my phone when I should. I understand this completely. I felt so bad, but I was very quick to explain that it wasn't my fault. It was Aziz Ansari's fault! He made me put my phone on vibrate! He was competing against an elderly Asian man through security at LAX! His flight was too stinking early! Not my fault. I blame Aziz. My husband understood. I think.

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  1. Well how cool is that???? Your poor husband...ha ha ha. Oh the troubles we cause!