Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today I woke up to Mr. M and Pb (my adorable chihuahua) both snuggling with me in bed and the sound of rain falling once again. What a great experience for imagining we are living in Washington! I love it. I also love the rain today because it means PE class is canceled and we can finally catch up on all the homeschool things we need to do. But I doubt the kids will be as enthusiastic.

Dinners have been going great this week so far thanks to the crockpot. Last night my DH told me that my potato soup reminded him of a potato dish his grandmother used to make, high praise indeed! The way he described it, taking the first bite and immediately thinking of his grandmother's cooking, reminded of the scene from "Ratatouille" when the food critic tastes Remy's food at the end and flashes back to his mother's cooking. I mentioned this to my DH and he laughed and agreed. Funny how food can do that. And it's also funny how I'm an adult yet see parallels in life to Disney movies. But that's another blog.

For tonight's dinner, though, I am stumped. My creativity is sorely lacking in the kitchen lately. I have no idea what to prepare. So, you know of course, that means turning to the old standby that everyone loves, breakfast dinner! I think breakfast burritos stuffed with eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and a little salsa sounds perfect. I just have to go to the store and get it all. Boo.

My mother is moving to WA. Strange that. Strange timing and all of it. But it's been her dream and now she's getting it so good for her. She asked me to make the road trip with her, but the thought of being trapped in a car with anyone for several hours is enough to make me relapse. So I declined. The power of saying no is really good.

I miss having the Internet on my phone. I can't send pics or check email or anything. DH is researching new phones and even had me watch some phone reviews on YouTube to see what I thought of the models he is looking at. I was impressed. He misses the Internet and pics even more than I do! This is a great project for him. I would just get stressed out.

I'm off to start my day. My mug of freshly ground Pike's Reserve is sitting next to me patiently.

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