Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's To Do List

1. Homeschool Meeting (get the kids up stinking early to do one page of math so there is something to turn in...math has been sorely neglected this week in favor of bean plants and salt dough maps)

2. Art class for the kids (a big, fat coffee for me)

3. Knitting on some of my WsIP (I'm going to a Yarn Harlot book signing and all her recent signing pics show people wearing something knitted...hmm...I don't think the shawl will be done in time since I haven't even started it yet, boo)

4. Dinner (what to make, what to make...this will hang over me all day until I make a slapdash decision to have what we had last night again, turkey sandwiches...maybe I should just decide that right now)

5. Read The Hobbit (right now...with my coffee...it's important to me so I should do that first, right? I mean, I can't just leave Bilbo in Smaug's mountain all day, can I?)

6. Volleytennis game and flag football practice (aka cheering for and supporting my children aka freezing my butt off at the park for three hours)

This is the top six of a longer list. There are some other lesser things I should do, like housework and phone calls, but, really, who cares? Not me.


  1. I second your decision to read Tolkien! The Hobbit, while not my favorite book, is THE place to start, because if we started chronologically, with The Silmarillion, we'd never get to Lord of the Rings! Seriously, I love his language, and the way he builds his world. Enjoy these delicious books!
    I really liked the Hillerman book Talking God, too.

  2. WELL YOU are not bored eh?? Keep that knitting up for your sanity sake!