Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Gift of Instant Sleep

This is Mr. M in the van on the way home from somewhere recently. I can't remember where we had been, but I turned and saw him asleep, still holding his cheeseburger no less, and I had to get a picture. This kid just knocks out! Anytime we're driving, in our car or someone else's, doesn't matter, if we're on the road for more than 15 minutes, Mr. M falls asleep. But it's not just a dozing sleep. I'll turn around and see him totally slumped over to the side, head hanging forward, completely out. It amazes me. He has the gift, the gift of instant sleep, any time, any circumstance, he falls asleep. He used to fall asleep while he was playing, with toys in his hands! We would find him sprawled out on the floor somewhere and just chuckle and put him in his bed. Neither of the other kids ever did that! I think it's genetic. My dad was always uptight and had trouble sleeping, so do I. DH on the other hand falls asleep anytime he is horizontal or his eyelids close for longer than 10 seconds.

DH has this gift of instant sleep, where he can close his eyes for mere moments and the next thing I know, he's snoring. Moments! Seconds! And he's asleep! Obviously he has passed this ability onto our son, sort of like a superpower. Can all men do this? I know my BIL is infamous for falling asleep during other people's houses...sometimes people he's only just met! I will say this, though, my DH works crazy early hours. If he goes in at 5am that is late. My BIL is a doctor, at a family practice clinic, but still mentally wearing. Maybe this ability is good for them, just shutting down. It's automatic. I don't know.

I sure wish I could do it!

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