Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November! Let the countdown to Christmas begin.

Halloween was kind of fun in our house this year. We let the kids dress up because the celebration we were going to actually encouraged costumes, which is sort of the point, right? The kids have been talking for the past couple weeks about being Jack Sparrow and Capt. America, but when it came time to buy the costumes, the money wasn't there. Costumes today are so expensive and elaborate! 

When I was growing up, I made my own costumes every year. Only when I was five and my parents were not yet divorced do I remember getting one of the cool costumes, the plastic tie-on "clothes" with the plastic mask that had slits for eyes and a small hole for the mouth. I think I was Strawberry Shortcake. Every year after that, I made my own costume out of things around the house. For instance, I borrowed my stepmother's dress and an old wig we had, put on lots of make-up and big earrings and went as a gypsy. Another year I used some poster board and markers and went as a vending machine. (that one got a lot of comments, like, what made you think of that??? I thought it was super cool.) So, why couldn't my kids use their own terrific imaginations and figure out what they could be with what we had at home? (The conversation went like this actually, "We don't have money for costumes so if you want to dress up, you better find something of your own.)

My oldest son, Professor X, is just like me. Forget the easy costume, a football jersey with a real NFL helmet. Oh, no. He wanted to be a zombie! So I spent 30 minutes cutting an old shirt to shreds and putting black eyeliner under his eyes. He then used a red marker to make "stitches" all over his arms and face. (which did not come off all the way even though it was washable, doh!) His idea sparked his brother's idea of being a pirate, a zombie pirate! But we couldn't figure out how to make an eye patch. Hmm. Then we remembered the old cowboy boots, and he decided to be a cowboy, a zombie cowboy! Another shredded shirt and some black eyeliner, and he was good to go, with the boots on the wrong feet, of course.

Princess O was more reserved. All her leotards were too small and she was determined not to be a zombie. Always the difficult one getting dressed! So I offered her one of DH's white dress shirts as a lab coat. She added a stethoscope they play with and carried her BABW dog with her. I popped the lenses out of the professor's old glasses for her and put her hair in a bun. Add some heavy make-up and voila! She was a veterinarian.

Three homemade costumes and three immensely happy kids. Good times! Check out the pic I tweeted in the feed to the right.

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