Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I still can't get y internal clock going. Although, in my defense, the calendar backs me up.

I showed up 30 minutes early for my homeschool overseer meeting yesterday and totally interrupted a meeting in progress. My ES (yes, the same lady who is the kids' teacher and had them an hour early the day before) frowned at me and said she thought our meeting was for 9am.

I felt my face blush deeply and a line of sweat broke out on my upper lip. I'm usually so punctual! Never this early! What was going on with me that I can't get my shit together??!! I told her I thought the email said 8:30am, but, of course, when I checked it, there was no time given at all. Dang it!

She was gracious about it and even laughed about it, a little, a very little. The meeting went well and thankfully she didn't ask me for the paperwork that I didn't complete. (A PE log of the kids' physical activity. Sounds easy enough, but it's a real pain in the ass to keep track of all that, and meet the standards, and show learning. See? Not easy.) We finished on good terms and went home.

Upon my arrival at home, the very first thing I did was look at my calendar. Aha! 8:30am meeting time! And I know I wrote that when she was at my house, so it was a verbal agreement that she didn't remember. Ah. I felt so much better. But, still, I can't believe how badly I've messed up my timing the past couple days. Totally unlike me. I blame daylight savings.

Did I mention I also screwed up the yard sale date and cause Gram some unnecessary stress? Yep, I did that, too. Dang.

So looking ahead to the rest of the week, it's got to be better. I am totally organized as far as homeschooling goes. I've cleared out a lot of my junk for the move. I sold the table and chairs yesterday, boo-yah! And I ate some fruit and got up early three days in a row. Yay me!

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