Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So I blew it. I didn't blog for a couple days during NaBloPoMo. The goal carries over to next year! One of these Novembers I will blog every stinkin' day and be so glad I can finally cross that off the bucket list.

The push for the big move continues. I look around this house and I feel so overwhelmed. Then I remind myself that most people move everything in one day. Really? So it can be done. This great move can be accomplished. I have the rest of the month! A whole week off for Thanksgiving! It can be done! I'm just doing it slowly.

Yesterday I was in the Twilight Zone, no, not with Jacob and that other guy. I was using a clock that had not been changed for daylight savings. Doh! I left the new house an hour early and got stuck in hideous traffic that makes sense now, but at the time I was baffled. I dropped the kids off at their class an hour early. I even got out and talked to the teacher, and she never said a word to me about being so early! Maybe she didn't realize. I'm a very punctual person so I guess some people could gauge the time by my arrival, but dang. Not after yesterday. I went to the laundromat an hour early and it was crowded. What?! Everyone cleared out an hour later, but by then I was drying. I then went to pick the kids up from their class an hour early. By this time, though, I had noticed that my iPhone was giving me the wrong time. It was an hour behind! How could that be?

I had many scenarios to explain this. Apple was playing a joke on all iPhone users. Something was wrong with my phone. There is a way you have to manually choose daylight savings time, not everyone goes by it. See? Instead of thinking I was wrong, there had to be another explanation! I couldn't be wrong. Nah. I even asked my DH what time his iPhone showed. He replied with the time an hour off like mine was!

"Why is the phone showing that time?" I asked. "It's an hour off."
"What are you talking about?" DH replied. "The phones change automatically. That's the right time."
I blink. Blink again. Blink some more. Check the clock in the van, which no one had changed and I KNEW no one had changed, but I had been using it all day! It was an hour off the actual time. I mentally replayed my day and realized I had dropped the kids off an hour early. Dang it!

So, you would think the teacher would say something to me, like, "Hey, I'm not your babysitter!" but she never said a word! The kids told me she let them play the Wii for an hour before class. That was nice. At least they didn't have to write an essay about how to tell time and the origins of daylight savings.

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