Monday, December 26, 2011


Well, the end of the year is drawing near and I have made some goals for the next year. I really can't remember what my goals were for 2011, but since this has been one of the crappiest years of my life, I have decided I'm happy just to have gotten through it.

So, looking to next year, these are the topics on my mind.
  • Weight loss - isn't this always on the list? I need to drop at least 20 pounds.
  • Consistent exercise - I love running through my neighborhood and I want to set a mileage goal per week to keep me going. I'm thinking of trying some yoga, too.
  • Getting my Etsy shop going - seriously, I think my knitting is going to the next level and I would love to make a living off of it.
  • Hitting all the marks for homeschool - this means getting organized and staying that way
  • Managing my depression - so tricky, this one, but it can be done.
I just went on a 30 minute run through the neighborhood, to include a quick loop through the cemetery, and I feel great. My legs feel sore since I ran most of the time, but it's totally worth it. I can feel the extra weight I've put on and it's pretty gross.

This week I'm hoping to get everything put away in the new house and also get a handle on some kind of cleaning routine. What would be great is to get up early and squeeze in a run before the kids get up. We'll see. I haven't been running since the weather turned cooler and the short-shorts I run in weren't ideal. The new pants I got today were awe-some! I've never considered myself the athletic type, but more and more I see how my personality tends that way if I let it. I was in Lady Foot Locker at the mall today and could easily spend hundreds of dollars on everything I saw that I wanted. That's a good thing, I think.

Oh, I did think of a reading goal, too. There is a list of books recommended by Stephen King and I was amazed to see a handful of my favorites on there. I have decided to work my way through the list. I'm thinking if he chose so many I agree are wonderful, the others are probably great, too. I'll try it. Also, my dad is so pleased I've been reading Hillerman that I want to keep that up. I love discussing books with him, with anyone! Maybe I should find a reading group. Hm.

Thank you, faithful readers, for checking in. My hope is that next year I will be more diligent in writing on this blog and keep my life interesting enough that other people want to read about it. Hm.


  1. I need to lose some weigHt in 2012 too! And Depression is Constant work for me too! What no knit goals????

  2. I think so many people set weight loss as a goal every year. I know I do! Managing depression is constant, great word for it. Knit goals, you know me so well! How could I have forgotten? I have declared 2012 The Year of the Sock. I shall learn to knit socks and socks I shall knit!