Monday, December 5, 2011

A Short List

Here I am, on my own in the new house for the first time in weeks. Sometimes I forget how much I need solitude and time for myself in a quiet place. The library here is amazing and I can't wait to establish a regular presence there. My Saturday runs would be a great prelude to an afternoon in the stacks, knitting or reading. Ah, yes. Good times await.

Here is a list of things I have been doing lately.

  • Homeschool - I've really stayed on my game this month and we've gotten a lot of math done. I can see the kids are really getting it. Practice makes perfect. I gave them each a science project to work on and they've been doing great with that, too. I feel good about this meeting coming up. I just need to make sure I give myself enough time to write the learning logs. Boo.
  • I colored my hair black cherry. Really. I've had the itch to color my hair for a long time, and I finally did it. I love it. My hair looks almost purple and my DH said I look like a fairy. Love it! Of course, I had dyer's remorse a couple hours after I did it, when it looked so dark and black, but by morning I was resigned to it and actually smiled at myself when I looked in the mirror. Yep. I love it.
  • The new house is being slowly decorated and put together, mostly by me. I don't mind. For once in my life I am enjoying seeing my home come together. I am driven by the desire to make it my own. I put a Klimt poster on the wall and a coffepot clock in the kitchen. This place is feeling like home more and more.
  • My health class has been very helpful. I am able to spot mood shifts from farther off and combat the negativity with positivity. "I give birth to the light in me." I know it sounds corny, maybe, but to me it means that I'm no longer depending on another person to get me through, to turn the light on inside of me. I am turning the light on for myself.
  • I started reading Beach Music by Pat Conroy. This book was given to me and it's a big, fat read. I am really enjoying it so far. I love Pat Conroy novels, so it's almost a no-brainer. I can't wait to load up my Kindle though. And there's a movie for all the Janet Evanovitch Stephanie Plum mysteries, yes! And The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie! And the new Sherlock Holmes movie! Lots of good stuff coming out.
I miss writing. I don't have much time for myself. I need to remember to carve that time out and protect it. One big bonus about living here is that the kids can play outside unsupervised. They've already made friends with other kids on the block and spent almost all of Sunday outdoors. I need to remember to take advantage of that!

***I forgot to add that I've started running! How could I forget that? There is a wonderful area to run through my neighborhood, up to the cemetary and back again is about four miles. I love it. The fresh air and the exertion are blissfully intoxicating. I love the freedom of being spontaneous and running out the door and back again. I just need to get up early enough to do it during the week now. I joined a challenge on DailyMile to run 25 miles by December 25th. I think I can make it. So far I've done about 8 miles.

I also checked my reading challenge to myself to read 100 books this year. I don't think I'm going to make it! I think I will give myself until my birthday to reach that goal!

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  1. "dyer's remorse"

    I love it! I had dyer's remorse a few weeks ago when I went way, way red!

    Red fades fast so it's faded now, but it was fun and I'll probably do it again. :-)