Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yarn and Knitting and All That Good Stuff

We just moved in with my grandmother, who is not a knitter but an avid sewer, quilter, and baker. I love the conversations we've been having about her history of sewing and her inspirations and ideas for new projects. I'm really motivated to keep knitting and take it to the next level with more interesting and complex projects and patterns.

When we moved, my stash had no home. Honestly, my stash has always been homeless, living in plastic bags in a pile in the corner. Shameful, I know. My grandmother gave us the loveliest antique cabinet. (I'll post a pic later) that is perfect for my stash. I moved it all in yesterday and was so pleased. There is plenty of room for the skeins to stretch out and breather, yet lots more room to welcome new additions as well. Yay! When I was showing dh all the unpacking I did yesterday, I also gave him a glance into the stash, and he said, "Oh, this is what you really wanted to show me, isn't it?" Ha ha! I guess he could tell how ridiculously happy I was to have found a permanent home for my beloved yarn.

I have a couple projects on the needles right now, but sorting through my stash, I discovered a couple more unfinished WIP. Two comfort scarves are patiently waiting to be completed and donated to Handmade Especially For You, a charity that provides knitted scarves to abused women. I was more diligent in this project earlier last year, and I hope to keep going in 2012. I have a goal set to donate three scarves a month. This seems like a small number, and if I pass it then that's great, but if I set it too high, well, you know how it goes. I don't want to get overwhelmed. So three is the magic number for now.

I am still trying to finish my double-knit potholders for myself. I truly need these since I have no potholders right now and keep burning my hands when I try to remove incredibly hot pans from the convection oven with doubled up napkins. Not good. My goal is to finish these by the end of the year. I think it can be done.

I am still working on the capelet for my grandmother, although it's looking more like a cowl. I keep learning the same lesson: if you don't use the yarn the pattern recommends, the finished product will not look like the picture. Hence the capelet knit in wool is tighter than the capelet knit with eyelash yarn, which the pattern required. Ah, well. A cowl is nice, too.

My youngest son has requested a pair of arm warmers. I have some great patterns for a stole and a hood that I can't wait to cast on. I need yarn. I'm thinking it's time to start buying some fancy yarn instead of what I usually buy, stop being so conservative. My mind is full of knitted bags, mug warmers, and scarves with pockets. Sigh. Feels like a great year for knitting is ahead.

I think my grandmother is my muse.

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