Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals for the Week

Just a quick list of what I would love to do this week.

1. Run at least three times. I'm so sick of myself right now. I should include eating healthy here, but that will make an easy #2.

2. Eat healthy. I have some weight loss shakes I need to drink. Just do it. And salad for lunch. Just do it.

3. Finish reading Unbroken. Louie has met Billy Graham. Wow! I didn't see that coming.

4. Work on the Beth Moore study I started last summer but didn't finish. I wonder if I had kept going with it, maybe the summer would have ended differently. Nah. Not good to think about the what if's, right? I really liked the watching the studies with my homies, but from here I have to go it alone.

5. Complete the scarves for donating. I'm so close, this is when I usually stall out. I have three more to knit to meet my goal this month. I think I can! I think I can!

1 comment:

  1. Knit those scarves! You are inspiring! GO FOR IT