Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am so proud of myself today! I went for a run while the kids were in PE class. Yay me! Yes, I wore my running tank top and short-shorts. I'm sure the conservative moms who saw me were mortified. (or should I be mortified and they are outraged? Whatever.) I pulled my hair back, slipped on my sunglasses, waved to the kids and went running for a mile and a half. Who dat?!

It was a short run so I made it back to the park before class was over and got to sit and stretch and enjoy the chaos of the basketball class. I also enjoyed the scenery. This park is full of trees and the mountains crown the background. Beautiful. What are men compared to rocks and trees? (Pride and Prejudice)

I noticed a lot less cheering from the moms at this class compared to the last session of kickball. Maybe it's because all the kids are terrible and it's obvious. Painfully obvious. Mine included, and they played organized basketball three years in a row! But Princess O hasn't gotten comfortable in the class yet, so she kept her skills to herself. Mr. M kept his hands in his pockets most of the time, unless the ball came close and then he whipped them out in time for a fruitless grab. Professor X was all over the court, entertaining but not scoring. X being X, I expect nothing less.

We had a lovely evening out as a family. We had a delicious dinner and then browsed the bookstore. I picked up a discount knitting book and a couple knitting magazines. (I had 4 magazines, but put 2 back when my dh raised his eyebrows at me) Then we topped it off with a couple macchiatos and headed home.

I spent the next couple hours on the couch knitting my coffee blanket, which is really coming along nicely. I love it. So does PB. As soon as she saw me sit down with the blanket she snuggled into my lap under it. Very few experiences can top a cute animal sleeping in your lap while you do something you love. Very few. It's definitely in my top ten and if you haven't experienced it, put it on your bucket list. I've heard cats are especially adept at this. My chihuahua thinks she is a cat and sometimes I wonder if she isn't.

My dh fell asleep during our Thursday night TV date, but I didn't mind since all the shows were reruns. As soon as Whitney started, the TV went off. I think that show is so incredibly stupid. So, so, so, so incredibly stupid. I can't wait for next week when NBC kicks off the best Thursday night TV block since Seinfeld. Can't. Wait. Anyway, I let dh snore away while I put the kids to bed and busted some suds. My house is a mess. Seriously. I wanted to go out tonight just to get away from it all. I had to do some dishes so I didn't wake up to it. There are still dishes waiting for me. I think they're frowning at me. But, I digress.

I do all the necessary things I need to do before I can sit down and blog and email. DH sleeps through it all. When does he wake up? Yes. Right when I sit down to blog. And what does that mean? I have to get up. I have to move from my spot. Sigh. It never ends, does it? Of course, one day I'll probably be too old and decrepit to get up and move when I want to so I guess I should count my blessings.

I had a good day today. I hope you did, too.

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  1. I have to agree! When the cats are in my lap and I am sitting down knitting, I LOVE IT