Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Made Myself Do It

Yes, I did. I got up this morning and went for a run. Yay me! The mental battle was raging while I lazed in bed, but ultimately I was victorious and went for a short (very short) run. I felt great, but still a little irritated with myself for not getting up as early as I wanted to. But, hey, baby steps, right?

There were a couple other highlights to this day.

Number one, as I type this, our new tadpole, Polly/Pauly, is watching me from the Frog Planet habitat. We launched a new unit study about frogs today and I still cannot believe we bought a real tadpole. I hope to God this thing grows and metamorphosizes like it's supposed to or I will have three very crushed kids. They are so excited! I guess I forgot that bringing a living thing into our house to take care of is a new experience for them. (of course, as soon as Paulie was settled they promptly began arguing about what to watch on tv. go figure) I think this will be a good experience and definitely a fun unit.

The second highlight of the day was going shopping at Chico's with my grandma. Chico's, you ask? Are you laughing? Are you raising your eyebrows at me? I know, I know! Chico's is not my usual style, but my grandma loves, loves, loves that store and wanted to buy me something to wear on my birthday. No one can say no to that! A shopping trip for your birthday with Grandma? Heck yeah! Maybe I'll finally have all those traditional family experiences I always heard about now that I live with her. Anyway, we had a wonderful time browsing and shopping and, yes, I did find something I liked that will blend properly with my thrift-store-eclectic, v-neck and Converse style. A long sweater, something knitted, of course. And oh-em-gee there were so many chunky, beautiful knitted items in Chico's. Who knew? I just loved seeing how knitting is still so relevant today. It was inspiring. I came home full of the desire to wrap my fingers in yarn and knit the knight away. (didn't happen, I plunged them in dish water instead) I also learned a lot about my grandma, like her favorite colors together and styles she prefers. My grandma appreciates fine clothes. Sigh. I knew I got my good taste from somewhere! Shopping at Chico's was unforgettable with her. I loved it. And then she whisked my birthday sweater away and is saving it until my birthday, two months from now. I said, oh wow, I do that, too! I buy something for a special occasion and stash it away until the day. My grandma is a kindred spirit. I knew it!


  1. Oh how fun to go to Chicos with the gran!!!!

    Good for you and running! It is about 18 degrees here. I did manage to skip snacking after dinner last night! That's a start

  2. Oh, 18 degrees?! Yikes! I've lived all over the country and SoCal definitely has the best weather. It's been in the high 70s here and I love it! Our new residence is in a desert area, so the mornings and evenings are "freezing" at 40 degrees. I guess I can't complain!

    Skipping snacks after dinner is soooo hard for me. Good for you! It's a fabulous start and something to be proud of.