Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Week in Review

I know Sunday is the beginning of a new week, but so often I find myself slowing down and thinking over last week and what did or didn't get done. That's how I plan for the new week.

Monday - I can't remember.

Tuesday - This day was a whirlwind! We had our charter school meeting to turn in work and talk about projects we did. Thankfully my overseer pushed our meeting time back an hour so I could avoid traffic. We were on the freeway for a good 40 minutes nonetheless. The meeting went great. I was so pleased that the kids each remembered something different and interesting about Dr. MLK, Jr. Mr. M actually was a fount of facts about segregation and the bus boycott, and he's the youngest! They also recalled some great things we learned about frogs. Success! These meetings either leave me feeling validated as a homeschooler or depressed that my kids don't remember anything. Good meeting.

Such a good meeting, in fact, that we were done in plenty of time to zip over to surprise DH at work with a frappucino. He loved it and he was truly surprised! We got a tour of his workplace, which I have never visited before and got to meet the co-workers we always hear about. The kids had fun. This was also a good intro for Princess O so people would remember her when Girl Scout cookies sales started a couple days later. We need those orders!

After the workplace pop-in, we zoomed to park day with our new homeschooling group. The president introduced us to the whole group this time and several of the moms chatted with me afterwards. I think I can spot the group weirdo. Trust me, there's always at least one in groups like this. At least she wears a bra. There was another mom that I really connected with, meaning, she laughed a lot at my jokes and comments. That's the first indication, isn't it? I can't be friends with anyone who doesn't laugh at my jokes! Come on! (the second indication is whether or not they are Seinfeld fans, but I digress). The kids made some new friends, too. Success!

Wednesday - I woke up to the sound of Princess O barfing, not my favorite alarm clock. The day was sort of put on hold, but she was really okay by lunch. Why do kids stand three feet above the toilet to barf? I don't know. I didn't want to get mad at her while she was barfing, but, seriously, I had some cleaning to do after, splatter control.

Thursday - This was another great day. We finished school and then had to take Princess O to her Girl Scouts meeting. She got to go on a very exciting field trip to the bank, while we picked up our homies and went to Disneyland!

I don't want you to think I was mean-hearted enough to leave my pretty princess out of the fun, though! DH picked her up and met us there a few hours later. We spent the whole afternoon and evening in California Adventure and had a blast! My homie has three kids of her own so everyone had a partner. You know what big, scary ride is at California Adventure? The Tower of Terror! It's a free-fall elevator ride, like my biggest fears and nightmares all rolled into one. Remember how I said this was my year for getting over myself? Well, I did it! My homie and I rode the Tower of Terror! Woo-hoo! I hated it, truly, truly hated it. My palms get sweaty right now thinking about it. But, I did it! I faced my fear and I did it. I'll have to post the picture of the picture that my homie took. I am basically screaming so hard I thought I would burst a blood vessel in my brain. You can tell.

Friday - Normally this would be the day to recuperate after hours at Disneyland, but I think these kids have had it too easy. We did mucho schoolwork. Then DH came home from work and took them out to buy shoes while I did dishes and made dinner. Sounds soooo exciting right? I actually enjoy doing housework when I'm home alone, uninterrupted. I put on an 80's station and grooved out the dishes and some delicious lemon chicken. It was a great start to the weekend!

And thus ends The Week in Review, a successful, fun-filled week!

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