Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ag Fair Projects

Our unit of study since January has been agriculture, mainly cotton. Yesterday we spent all morning gathering supplies we needed to begin another project for entry into the fair, terrariums.

I don't like plants, but I love designing terrariums! I had way more fun than the kids and I think I might use the leftover supplies to make a terrarium of my own. I'm hoping they're self-sufficient, otherwise there's no hope for the plants and I'll end up tossing the whole thing out when it finally dies and starts to rot. But, that would be the beginning of another project, decomposition!

I digress. Here are the pics of the final products.

Professor X is working on a carnivorous plant terrarium based on a volcano-alien-dinosaur theme. The venus fly trap plant is slowly awakening from dormancy in another pot. The hole in the middle is for that. He has some red marbles to add later to add a lava effect. He's really proud of this. Me, too.

Princess O is doing a basic covered terrarium with flowers and a no littering theme. She's planning to add people picking up trash. She added shells as part of her decor, too. I think it's just lovely, although I wish her theme was more whimsical. I think there should be some fairies in here.

This is Mr. M's zoo animal theme terrarium. It's on its side, but the lid is on so it makes the picture seem weird. He is planning to add some zebras and monkey, maybe a big cat or two. He picked out the fern and ivy on his own and added some rocks. He can't enter this in the fair because it's a category for 1st grade and up only. He didn't care, though. He just had fun getting dirty and putting it all together!

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  1. I Love them TOO!!! I made one as a child and remember my mom driving me all over the place just because....
    not something easy to do for her with 6 kids.
    I'd love one now with a cover because my cats go after each and every plant in the house.
    I like the first one in the milk jug the best....
    great post