Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Fun

One of our goals in this big move  has been to cut costs and save money, or at least spend money more wisely. We got cable and canceled Netflix. We renewed our Costco membership and try to eat out less. We bought the kids shoes that cost more than $10 in the hopes that the shoes would last longer and wouldn't be a monthly expense anymore (fail).

One of our weaknesses is Friday night. (We just got paid, it's Friday night, party hopping, feelin' right! Remember that song?) So we decided that we would change Friday night dinner to Friday night grocery shopping. We still have our weekly family meal out, but it's on Sundays for lunch now.

So far, it's been great. Not perfect, but great. Tonight we really hit it out of the ballpark, though.

While the kids were in art class, I spent some time this afternoon making a menu of meals for the week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I made my list based on the menu. I used to do this all the time, especially when money was tight. It's a good habit that I haven't been practicing lately. I was proud of myself for setting aside that time to do it. I really do have a better week when the house is stocked full of food and I don't have to think of what's for dinner every day.

So off we went to Costco and then the grocery store, list in hand. We bought a few things not on the list, but pretty much stuck to it. Costco on a Friday night was awe-some! There were hardly any people there, which meant we were the only ones scarfing the samples. We tried some Vietnamese coffee that was delicious. Not delicious enough to buy, but still delicious.

Once we finished our working errands, we headed to the bookstore so I could buy a kid's classic version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We're starting a unit on Mark Twain next week. I have a thing about Mark Twain right now. I found a biography I wanted, too expensive at the bookstore, so I came home and put it on my Kindle for half the price. I also bought a little box of Celtic tattoos that included some temporary tattoos, a book explaining their meaning, and a cute necklace. I'm a sucker for Irish stuff. I love it all!

To top off our evening out, I told DH I wanted ice cream. I was thinking of just driving thru and getting a blizzard or something. DH remembered a shop nearby that sells homemade ice cream, so we headed there. I am so glad we did! I had a cone of chocolate raspberry truffle, huge, huge scoops! OMG, it was bliss! The best ice cream ever! The name of the shop is Handel's and even though it was cold and windy outside, past 9pm, too, there was a crowd of people at the window. If we had gone out to dinner, we wouldn't have indulged in this treat. It cost less than $20 for each of us to get what we wanted and we made a great family memory.

A great, great night.
This is me getting ready to enjoy some delicious ice cream. See the crowd? There were more, too!
I enjoyed this! See the people back there? Don't they look cold? But they're still getting ice cream!

Look at these huge scoops of chocolate raspberry truffle!


  1. Yeah, cheap shoes don't last. I always spend more on their shoes and they tend to last a lot longer than the cheap ones.

    The ice cream looks yummy! I have always planned our meals based on what's on sale.

  2. Isn't it great when your new habits work out so well?!!!!

    I Want your ice cream!!!!

  3. I ve wanted ice cream all week bc of you!! Ha ha ha. SO far I've resisted...but it tis only thursday!

  4. I used to do this too - plan meals one day and make a list based on that. I'd sit down on Sunday and look at cookbooks and food blogs, go through the kitchen/pantry, and make a list. Then on Mondays, I'd go shopping after work. I was so organized - now that I live within walking distance of two grocery stores, I've gotten less organized because I can just go pick something up when I need it. I don't know if that leads to more impulse shopping though!