Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Catching Up

I don't get to my blog as often as I want since my muse to blog doesn't come as often as I want. Even now I'm making myself write this, hoping it will morph into something amusing.

Homeschooling is in high gear as we work on projects for the agricultural fair. We are trying to grow cotton, but so far no sprouts have been seen. I have learned a lot about cotton and its many uses, so that's one good thing about this unit study. I find myself gravitating more toward plants lately, also, and that scares me. I kill plants. I know this. I've accepted this and I'm okay with this. But. DH gave me some beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day and I was so pleased. Usually I tell him to skip the flowers and just give me chocolate. I think he likes giving me flowers, so why deprive him of that joy? Anyway, one of the flowers just bloomed after being a bud for a few days and I was so excited!

He gave me some chocolates, too, but alas, I ate them before I took a picture. Ha ha! DH also remembered a little purse I had pointed out to him that I've been eyeing for several months, and gave me that, too. What a great Valentine's Day! I gave him a collage of photos of us that I matted and put vellum quotes on, bringing out my scrapbooking side that's lain dormant for so long! He really liked it. I gave him some silver hoop earrings which he has yet to take off even though he's been teased a little at work. I think he looks incredibly sexy in earrings and I'm glad he's leaving them on.

Knitting is in high gear right now, too. I finished a bag for Valentine's Day and lined it, my first attempt. I had to hand sew everything since I don't have a sewing machine. I think it was worth it. Of course it isn't perfect, but it is cute and I've gotten a few compliments, too.

We made our first really expensive purchase with some tax money...Keurig Platinum! I love this machine. I love being able to brew fresh coffee NOW. This is my new best friend in the kitchen. I had to show DH how to use it so he wouldn't, ahem, break it like he almost did the dishwasher.

My last bit of news is that the kids' art studio put on a show and exhibited all their work. Such a fun night! The theme was travel and the kids made decoupage suitcases out of shoeboxes and a lot of clay models of famous places, like the Coliseum and the Great Wall of China. We invited Gram to go, too, and had a wonderful time. The kids gorged on candy and cookies from around the world, which were laid out. I sampled some kind of sesame puff cookie thing, but the experience was ruined since DH tried it just before I did, and as I was biting down on it he said, "Ew, it's like I'm eating a cobweb!" Blech! I was totally grossed out, but choked it down.

So the rest of today will be spent organizing and cleaning around the house, still getting settled in, believe it or not.

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  1. I'll take a fresh cup of joe please........I'm jealous !

    The goings on of my fellow knitblog friends are always interesting to me. I"d Love to see Fireman in earrings......that would be so sexy!