Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sewing Machine, Disneyland, and a Birthday

Meet my new friend, Sewing Machine!

I just bought this over the weekend at JoAnn Fabrics. I got a gift card for my upcoming birthday (yes, I opened the card early, I'm cool like that) and since there was a really terrific sale going for President's Day, I was able to combine coupons and my gift card to get this fabulous little machine. It's very basic, just straight stitch. That's all I need. Sewing Machine is portable, battery-operated if need be, and my new bff.

I spent a glorious evening figuring out how to work it. I had some flashbacks to 7th grade Home Ec class with Mrs. Bock, funny how that stuff sticks in your head for so long! Thank you, Mrs. Bock, I needed that information you so concientiously drilled into my head.

Once I got the machine up and running, I sewed one lining for a knitted bag as a test, then DH brought me a pair of his shorts that had a hole in the pocket. I fixed those, too! Hey, look at me, a modern day Mrs. Ingalls fixing my husband's clothes. He wore the shorts the next day and made a big show of putting something in his pocket. I felt the love.

I'm so excited to have this machine, though, seriously. I feel like I'm moving ever closer to opening an Etsy store and being able to make a real go of it.

My current knitting projects are a bag for my mother for her birthday next week and finishing up some comfort scarves. (yes, the same ones from last month, I know, I know - just do it, right?)

Here is a pic of a very sweet, memorable moment today.

This is Mr. M reading Hop on Pop to our homeschool overseer. She was so proud of him, and I was bursting, too. He is really reading! He worked so hard on phonics and he has come so far since September. I am so pleased all three of my kids can read now! I told DH about Mr. M reading, and Mr. M found the book and read it to DH, too. He's proud of himself and I just love to see that. A great moment.

Here is where we went after that homeschool meeting this morning, the most crowded place on earth. Oh, I mean, the happiest place on earth. Right? Well...

Mr. M and Princess O got to ride at the very front of the boat on the Storybook ride. This was our first time on this ride and we all agreed it was worth the 30-minute wait in line. The ride takes you through miniature scenes from popular Disney stories. For some reason, seeing all those miniature models gave me this incredible urge to knit. Creativity feeding creativity I think.

Part of the ride takes you into a cave that houses the magic lamp Aladdin made his wishes on and the guide says to be careful if you make a wish in the cave because it might come true. I don't have that many opportunities to make wishes, birthdays really are the only time I can think of since shooting stars have been scarce lately, so I looked right at the lamp and made a big wish. I wished for Joy. Real, true joy in my life. That's my theme for this year, couldn't hurt to make a big wish for it, I thought. On the other side of the cave is a little cranny full of gold and coins and jewels, but I immediately wished for peace when I saw it. I told myself, who cares about money? Who cares about all the material things to be chased? I just want peace in my life. Joy and peace. Ah, yes.

Topping off the day, we took my grandmother out to dinner. February is birthday season in this family, and she is included.

I have had the most intense craving for some cake! I satisfied it tonight with a triple chocolate brownie buried under a scoop of vanilla ice cream and syrup. So delicious!

We had a great day today. Back to reality tomorrow. I have to wrestle this house into some kind of sense and order. And the cotton plants still haven't sprouted, hmm. That doesn't bode well.

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  1. Maybe I need the seeing machine....I cannot wait to see your sew ups.....
    I want that dessert too......