Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knits Finished on a Busy Day

We were on the run all day today.

6:45am - I was up (I know, shocking, right?) to finish the laundry and prep for the day
8am - Got the kids up and everyone was getting ready
8:30am - Out the door, stop at McD's for breakfast, on the freeway, kids doing some schoolwork
9:45am - Reach our homeschool meeting place (15 minutes late, heavy traffic, boo)
10:45am - Meeting finished, head back home for piano lessons
11:30am - Piano lessons, knitting time for me (I finished the bamboo stitch bag project), and I even squeezed in some reading on my Kindle (Night Circus - an amazing book)
12:45pm - Head back home...

And we spent the afternoon each involved in our own activities. I read Night Circus, just wanting to finally finish it. I did, but I won't post the review until tomorrow. The kids mostly were outside since it was a gorgeous spring day.

Late afternoon, we were off to Mr. M's Little League game. He plays better every time. He got three hits and made it on base each time, scoring twice. He's such a boy, a kid, not a baby anymore. Sigh. I was knitting throughout the game and finished this cute hat.

I've been very productive with my knitting this month. Yarn is good. I only have one item listed so far in my Etsy shop, but I'm trying not to feel the pressure to crank products out for the sake of posting more. I don't want to live off my knitting, just make something beautiful and practical for someone to enjoy. I'm more of a process knitter, I think.

So, here we are, back at home. I have my feet up and my new InStyle waiting to be perused.
Good day.

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