Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

I've begun to dread Mondays. We've been having busy weekends, fun weekends, weekends that are a great mix of getting things done and spending family time together, but they always end on a Monday. Back to work, back to the routine, and always, always, a sink full of dishes. Bleh.

I always have high hopes for Monday. I have decided to be more realistic. I let myself sleep in. Today we all got up at 10:30am. Thank God we homeschool! I don't know how regular school families do it. The kids would be exhausted all the time, or, and this is more likely, we wouldn't get to do half of what we like to do. Homeschooling is good.

For example, the weather was pleasant today so we worked on the Ag Fair dioramas outside. I prefer this to painting and gluing indoors. Right? The kids got most of the background finished and tomorrow I think we will go shop for the props, plastic animals, all that fun stuff.

I taught the kids how to use the glue gun. I was really nervous about this idea, but no one burned their fingers or anything so I guess my instincts were right. Professor X is working on a Native American scene. The shiny foil is a river and he glued rocks along the edge. He's planning to put an Indian fishing there. Creative thinking! Remember doing dioramas for school? I do! I made scenes from books for book reports and some biospheres for science. I'm enjoying these projects.

After school, the kids went down the street with their friends for a couple hours. DH and I actually had some time alone which was nice. Princess O said the other day that it was weird that we didn't know her friend's parents. It is, only because all their other friends are the children of our friends we've known since before we were all married. Interesting. They do have lots of contact with other kids in classes and park days, but these kids on the street go to regular school and so it's different. I'm glad we're getting this experience. Of course, now I feel like I need to go meet the other parents. Sounds like a good way to get rid of some of the GS cookies we have in the cupboard.

This Monday was more relaxed and went by so fast since we barely got started by noon. Maybe every Monday should start at noon!

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  1. OH you sing my song !! I love to get up late. Not one thing wrong with that.