Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well, I'm Upset!

(This is going to be a rant, btw, you are forewarned.)

You know, I thought I had found a great homeschool group to join here in our new area. The moms seemed pretty cool, no knitters in the group, but you can't have it all, right? My kids made some friends who were fun to play with and normal-appearing as far as homeschoolers go. I had already figured out the weirdos to avoid. (Every group has at least one.) So, we headed to park day today, our fourth, and had a good time. I'm not bonded into the group, like no one saves a spot for my chair or anything. This doesn't bother me. I can sit in the sun and knit while the kids are off playing. I don't need to make friends, it would be nice, but it's not necessary.

This group advertises itself as accepting of all homeschooling methods. The group is Christian-based, so there is that, but otherwise, they pride themselves on having homeschoolers of all methods as members. Really. I just visited the group's website and what do I find but a newsletter article written by the president of the group (I really like this lady, btw, it's too bad) and she is condemning charter schools and praying that families who homeschool through a charter will prayerfully reconsider their choice. And at the end of her article is the obligatory, oh, but, we still don't judge you if you belong to a charter school! Oh, great, yeah, thanks for saying that after your incredibly judgmental article. I feel better. Argh!

We homeschool through a public charter school and we love it. We are unashamed! We love our charter school! I would never judge someone for how they choose to educate their child. I use a charter, maybe you file an affidavit as your own school, whatever. "Do your thing" should be the motto of homeschooling! (Unless you are claiming to educate when there is actually no educating going on, but that is a different post.)

You know, a lot of what she said was her opinion, an uninformed, ignorant opinion, but I'm sure I have some of those, too. I'm not judging her, ha ha. I just can't understand why this group would claim to be nonjudgmental and then the president of the freakin' group publishes this horribly slanted opinion for everyone to read! This article was posted on a forum and, of course, the replies  were all in support of the president's opinion. I was livid. I was angry. I was offended. I wrote an answer.

Here is a small piece of my reply.
"As a Christian family, we make sure our children see our faith lived out in many ways, incorporating that in school every day, too. While we can't turn in work that is religious, much of our conversation and schoolwork reflects our Christian values. We simply turn in other work samples. If we didn't homeschool through a charter, our children would be in a public school classroom. There is no way we could afford private school. This charter has given us the freedom to keep our kids at home and still work within the system. We are incredibly grateful for that because this is the lifestyle we have chosen.

Our motivation for choosing to homeschool through a charter was the desire to give our children an education that was the best it could be. Our charter school is helping us fulfill that goal. Our children might be enrolled in a public charter school, but as parents, we have still retained that control over our time, points of study, and methods of learning that honor our Christian faith and lifestyle.

We have never regretted our choice to homeschool through a charter school. We believe each family chooses what is right for their family and lifestyle and we have great respect for that."

Right? Right? Damn right. I don't mind being judged, but let's call it what it is! Tell me that you don't want charter school families in the group! That's the choice of the group. But don't say one thing and do another. Don't tell me you accept me and then condemn me.

We'll see what the replies will be to what I posted. I almost don't care. It's so disappointing. I'm feeling the urge to get some friendships going out here, for myself and also for the kids. Back to square one. Bleh.

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