Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 39

I am so stinkin' tired right now. This whole weekend was too busy.

I am sore, not sorry, though! Today I got my two miles done before church. This is a true accomplishment since getting up early is not something I endorse. The walk this morning was incredibly boring. I don't know why. I think I need to change my route. Although, maybe I'm comparing it to Saturday's eventful morning walk where I saw a Lamborghini parked on one street and a used condom splattered another street over. I'm not saying the two are related, but those cars tend to get some people pretty excited, so who knows. In comparison to that, Sunday's big event was seeing a bird grab a snail right off the sidewalk and eat it. Snail vs. Lamborghini, ha ha!

I squeezed in an arms and abs workout, too. I love this dvd because the teacher(?) is really encouraging, a lot of "yeah!" and "you're lookin' good!" and "don't you want to look great in a tank top all year? Let's go!" I feel like she's watching me and rooting for me so I perform. I did get tangled in my resistance band a couple times, but she never mentioned that at all.

Tomorrow marks the end of the homeschool crunch and the beginning of the standardized testing crunch. Basically, I will have a lot of time to knit while the kids are taking tests. I am a little nervous for them. I know there are gaps, particularly in math, but we did our best. I'm still searching for an outstanding math curriculum, possibly I'll find one for next year.

So, dear readers, here we go, off on another week. May your Monday be blessed and so the rest of the days ahead!


  1. I think I need a dvd workout . I need something encouraging and FUN to start with. What do you suggest????

    Good for you...I'm still on the couch....but I ate less at work this weekend. and I drank a ton of that's something

    1. DVD workouts are fun and you can do them whenever you want. Fun for me means short and to the point. I don't have the desire to spend 45 minutes exercising, unless I'm out walking/running without interruption. I have one DVD called The 10 Minute Solution and you can pick which area of your body to focus on, which I love. The lady leading it is really hyper and there's a resistance band included, too. I got it at Target for cheap, so maybe try that one to ease your way in.

      For a REALLY fun workout, if you have a game system, put Just Dance on sweat mode and let yourself go. It's awe-some!

      Other than that, I recommend checking out a fitness community, I love Daily Mile, and see what other people are doing. It's really motivating and encouraging!

      Most of what I do, I have to force myself. I've hit that point where I need to lose weight or reconcile myself to be fat. :)