Saturday, April 21, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 40

I got up early and hit the asphalt. It was a struggle, no doubt. But I almost hit my 2 mile goal, missed it by .2 of a mile, so an evening walk is planned for later. I did it. I weighed myself. I knew I shouldn't have! I show a gain, not a loss. It's not muscle, either. It's fat from letting myself go during our anniversary getaway. Well, it was inspiring in a way, that kind of anger-at-myself inspiration, you know? I am determined to be more vigilant with my diet. I ate oatmeal this morning and dh was proud of me.

We are at the baseball field right now to watch Mr. M's Hot Rods take on the Thunder. The temperature is going to be near 90 today, love it! Bring on summer! I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt and sitting in my chair with its own shade. Good times!

We have so much schoolwork to finish this afternoon. Homeschool gives that freedom of lifestyle, but then there are always catch-up days. Lots of chicken work and Ag Fair stuff to finish, plus covering some vague math concepts, like mode and perimeter, that may be on next week's test. Not my favorite thing to do on a sunny Saturday, but it feel great to have all of it finally finished.

I hope your Saturday is peaceful and fun. Do something you enjoy!

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