Friday, April 20, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 41

I got up on time, laced up my Nikes, and hit the pavement. I squeezed in a two mile fast walk this morning! So, I've already hit my goal for today (2 miles a day) and I am planning to get out this evening, too. I am resisting the urge to weigh myself, so hard! I know, I know, it's highly doubtful I've lost anything! I know.'s hard not to look. (you know I read the end of books right when I start them, right? Right.)

The funny thing about this run is that it served two purposes. Number one, it's part of my Be Sore, Not Sorry Campaign to lose weight. But, number two, the kids all wanted to go since Mr. M went with me yesterday. Now, this is not my usual practice, taking a short person along. Their legs are too short and their mouths are too active! Since it's been difficult to get motivated, though, I decided to let them come. Mr. M enjoyed the one mile walk yesterday. Little did they know, I planned to DOUBLE the walk for today so I could make sure I had a two mile path through the neighborhood.

Did I tell them? No! My evil plan was basically to let them walk with me and make it very long, with lots of turns back toward the house then away from the house, so they would not enjoy it and never want to come again. Muahahahaha! It worked!

By the time we got close to home, they were sweaty and tired and hungry. I forbid anyone to ask, "Are we almost done?" I forbid anyone to claim I was "leaving me behind." I said, "No, you're not being left behind. You're lagging. Keep up!" Honestly, I didn't mind them being with me, not really. I just don't want to make it a habit!

I need these walks to clear my head and rejuvenate myself. I need to keep getting out there. Day 41, success!

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