Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be Sore Not Sorry - Day 42 Update

I actually hit my 2 miles a day goal today, yay me!

Mr. M got up early and wanted to walk with me. I let him, thinking he wouldn't enjoy it very much and therefore stop asking to go, but not only did he really like it, so did I. There is something special about having a six-year-old perspective on the morning in the neighborhood.

He called a few punch buggies and even a couple out of state license plates. The plates weren't really out of state, just not the usual CA plates, and he called both of them as "Minnesota." Interesting.

I kept the pace quick and we did a 1.4 mile loop through the streets, no hill. I looked up the pain I've been having in my hips and it appears to be bursitis. Boo. The first cause is weight gain, the second is running uphill. Dang it! So I am taking a break from The Hill.

I ended up hiking a 1 mile wilderness trail with Princess O's Brownies troop, a total surprise to me, so there is my second mile. That experience is a separate post, ha ha ha! A wilderness trail with four 8-year-olds, unforgettable!

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