Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Agricultural Fair - Success!

Today was the opening day of the Agricultural Fair. We worked on several projects over the past few months for entry. All the hard work paid off! Here the kids are in front of the booth our overseer organized by hatching chicks in an incubator. We did a lot of work for this one, A LOT of driving, too! The booth won first place! Yay! The kids were so excited to see the first place ribbon. The prize is $250 which will be split among all the students who worked on it, about 13.

Mr. M's birdhouse made from recycled materials won first place in his grade division.
He is so proud!

This was really cool. Professor X won 2nd place for a truck model made of Legos. The truck was set up inside a model train exhibit, which looked like a rural landscape. He was so surprised! We really had to look for all their entries and finding his truck on display was definitely memorable.

Princess O put together a wonderful diorama of farm life and won 3rd place! She used real cotton plants and painted a windmill, great details. She designed everything herself and made all the props, just the plastic farm people were bought.

Professor X also made a diorama, but he chose to represent Native American life. He placed 3rd in the division. I loved making dioramas in school and I'm so happy they enjoyed making these projects. The dioramas were completely put together by the kids themselves.

Finally, here is Princess O with her birdhouse made from recycled materials which received Honorable Mention. She was pleased even though there is no cash reward.

All in all, we had a great time walking around the fair looking at all the projects. We noticed that a few categories were swamped with entries, such as seed art and drawing. The winners of these categories varied and it was hard to see what the judging criteria had been. I don't think we will enter these divisions next year. On the other hand, we observed a few categories that had fewer entries, such as sawhorse animals and beneficial insects. I think we may do a silkworm project next year. They looked really fun!

So, the kids won some money. Yes, the prizes at this fair are cash, which is why our overseer encourages us to enter every year. My kids are already adding up their winnings and making lists. I'm pretty sure it will be much easier next year to get them motivated to work on some entries for the Ag Fair.


  1. Congratulations to your kids. They sound like they worked long and hard on these projects and deserve the recognition. Being in the city, I never had an AG fair and enjoyed reading about their projects. Love that some of them even used recycled materials. They are helping build their future.

  2. Thanks, Winnie! We had so much fun enjoying the fair and I just love seeing their work on display. They made big plans for next year already!