Friday, May 11, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 12

Well, I've logged 15 miles of walking this week. I did a few things to change up the routine when I got bored or started dreading going out. First, I set my iPod to shuffle. There is something invigorating about hearing songs I haven't heard in a while, even if it's Baby I'm A Want You by Bread. I felt a connection to my iPod, willing it to play good music to keep me going. Great idea to break the routine.

Another change was recruiting or allowing company on my walk. My littlest son wanted to go with me one day, so I let him and we both enjoyed the time we had together. He had a lot of interesting observations about the activities of our neighborhood as it woke. We walked early in the morning, like 7am. Then, I asked my DH to join me and he did so quite willingly. We walked in a great big loop through the neighborhood and I got to show him things I'm always noticing when I walk along. Loved that!

Today, my oldest son had to walk with me as part of his punishment for lying. He is very honest about the experience, though, and tells me he likes going so it's not really punishment. (What he doesn't know is, I treasure this time with him, too, and it's not so much punishment as mom wanting quality time.) My daughter joined us for the walk as we headed up the hill to Mr. M's baseball game. We had a great workout! I dropped them at the field with DH and huffed and puffed through another 1.5 mile. I made it back just in time to see Mr. M hit a single! I gave everyone a sweaty smile and thankfully rested my feet and my fat behind on the stands.

One last change I made this week was visually mapping out the route the night before and going a different way each time. Walking can be so dang boring! I can't keep squeezing three miles out of these same streets every day and not start to hate it. I've widened my radius and now I think I can make it to the boba drink place and back in three miles. For a boba, I might even go a little further!

In two weeks, we will make our way north. I will happily be a few pounds lighter, I hope. I haven't gone near the scale again and I don't plan to until day 1, the last day of the Be Sore, Not Sorry countdown. I have 12 days to push myself and hopefully log another 36 miles. I think I can! I think I can! And you can, too! Be Sore, Not Sorry!

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  1. Great idea to add variety with the music and the route. For me, changes in the way I do workouts helps me to stay with it for longer.

    Congrats on your progress!